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PRESS RELEASE - 11/28/1999
Metrolina Paintball, Charlotte, North Carolina's first and only commercial paintball field is proud to announce their next Big Game Paintball Scenario Game, entitled Anarchy-Rulz The Rapture to be held on December 12th, 1999.  Anarchy-Rulz is one of the most dynamic Paintball Scenario Games designed from the ground up to boast three interactive multi-media websites for
each of the participating armies!  You've never expereinced a backstory for a paintball game like this! For more information on Anarchy-Rulz or to register please visit our website at
The Events
It is the year 2002.  Life as we know it no longer exists.  The global community once touted as the pinnacle of mankind's economic evolution ends up being his greatest undoing.  The President declares a "National State of Emergency" invoking Executive Order 723456-B and institutes Marshal Law.  Indoctrination Camps are erected all across the country to house the millions of citizens who oppose the Federal Governments draconian measures.
The Resistance
Tired of a self-imposed Police State, a computer hacker by the name of Thorax goes into hiding only to give birth to an underground movement known as Anarchy-Rulz. Thorax knows the only way to liberate America and throw off the shackles of injustice is to raise arms against the Feds and take his country back, one street at a time. To do that, he must enlist the help of one man; an influential arms-dealer and multi-billionaire who goes by the name of "Mo-Jo".
The Feds
General Dutch McKenzie, commanding officer of Special Operations Command, has been given one meat grinder of a mission Ė to prevent the total disintegration of the Federal government at all costs. When the General receives word that the control of a doomsday bomb may be at stake, he knows that to truly defeat the Anarchy-Rulz Movement, he will need to win a war of
attrition. To do that, he must cut off Thoraxís supply of weapons at its source; the infamous arms-dealer known as Mo-Jo.
The Operators
Morris-Johnson, a.k.a. "Mo-Jo" is a self-made billionaire and reported leader of the largest crime syndicates. Mo-Jo has no loyalties to either the Feds or the rebels. But when reports of strange weapons being seen by the "Suits" Ė a CIA funded program, reach Mo-Jo, he is convinced that the Fedís have been either building weapons secretly behind his back or buying
them from an unknown competitor. Either way, one thing is for certain, he canít trust the Feds any more than they trust him.
The Game
Three armies, four roles and one hell of a game! Our unique PSG format will involve one 20 acre playing field and continuous paintball nonstop action. Our field features two netted safety zones for the dead, fortified enemy base camps, and a slew of strategic locations as both sides fight for control of the United States. Anarchy-Rulz will also feature props such as helicopter
insertions, mortar teams, sappers, RPG grenadiers and even a doomsday bomb.
Experience paintball as it was truly meant to be played with Metrolina Paintballís next Paintball Scenario Game, entitled Anarchy-Rulz, MESSIAH. Come and participate in the first of a series of post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk scenario games. Over a hundred and thirty paintball players from the two Carolinas will be coming together to play in a spectacular role-playing environment featuring never before seen props and even a one-on-one tournament to beheld in Mo-Joís Death Match Arena. Each preregistered player will receive a FREE Anarchy-Rulz Event T-Shirt. Great prizes and fun for everyone. We will be limiting the field to only 130 members so register today!
Sign up now, for you donít want to miss one of the most talked about events of the year.
Metrolina Paintball (est. 1992) is one of the oldest commercial paintball fields in the Carolinas featuring convenient easy access to both Interstate 77s and 85 and is located in the heart of south Charlotte.
For additional informaiton you can call us at (704) 556-7007 or email us directly at

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