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Major Paintball


Major Paintball's Master Mine

Major Paintballs MASTER MINE is a revolutionary product, certain to add a new dimension to the game of paintball. This compact, reusable mine is powered by a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge and sprays 6 ounces of liquid paint, covering an area of up to 600 square feet! 

The MASTER MINE is an “on-surface” design, meaning you don’t need to carry a shovel to the field. It can be set up in less than a minute and has an ultra sensitive trigger mechanism, allowing the use of a light trip cord that can be activated up to 25 feet from the mine or remotely detonated by the user. The MASTER MINE uses dual adjustable muzzles for creating different spray patterns. Turn them out to cover a wide area or point them straight for a concentrated “dude drenching” blast. Combine these features with its impressive sound blast and the mine can also double as a supurb perimeter-warning device. 

Whatever your strategy, the MASTER MINE will certainly give your opponents something else to think about before moving on that trail or pushing up to the next bunker. The name of the game is victory. Strike the winning blow. MSRP $49.95 

From the innovative minds at MAJOR PAINTBALL, comes the first fully reusable, CO2 powered, liquid spray paint mine, created around the concepts of simplicity and effectiveness. MASTER MINES patented design and durable, compact construction give superior reliability as well as fast, easy “on-surface” setup. The adjustable elbows and high volume reservoir allow for a spray coverage area up to 600 square feet, and with the ultra sensitive trip cord trigger, your opponents won’t stand a chance. The name of the game is victory. Strike the winning blow.

MASTER MINE VENOM: Washable powder premix for quick and easy field preparation. Mixes with water and makes 36 oz. of non-toxic paint.

Ready to strike
MASTER MINE unleashing its VENOM

Features Include:
Brand new Patent Pending product / Unlimited reuse / Economical: $49.95 MSRP / Very durable / Compact: 11'' x 3.5'' x 1.5'' / No electronics / Great rental units / Markets to a very broad customer base / Dealer profit margins range from 42% to 72% on the mine and 100% to 150% on the paint / Venom paint refills are less than $1.00 for the end user / 12 gram CO2 powered / Fast easy set-up 1 min.+/- (no digging) / Large coverage area 400 to 600 sq/ft / Field strippable / Easy tool free tear down & cleaning / Water washable / Ultra sensitive trigger / Dual safeties / Fully adjustable spray pattern / Perimeter warning device / Loud discharge

Major Paintball
Address:   Rt. 2 Bx. 2155 Oak Valley Rd. Toccoa, GA 30577
Ph. (706) 282-5041     Fax  (706) 886-5483
e-mail:  majorpball@alltel.netweb sight:

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