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Diablo Mardi Gras Open 2002

In the shadows of the largest party in the world….amidst the thousands of party goers who will crowd the streets of the “Big Easy”... comes a paintball event like no ...the Diablo Mardi Gras Open.

Hardcore sports is proud to present, in association with Diablo Direct, the 3rd annual Diablo Mardi Gras Open five man tournament.  On January 25-27, 2002, teams from all over the world including England, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Canada and of course the United States will once again descend on historic New Orleans at the onset of the Mardi Gras celebration, for what is sure to be one of the most talked about tournaments of the year.  The John A. Alario Event Center, located in scenic Bayou Segnette State Park and just minutes from the rustic French Quarter will once again serve as the venue for the Diablo Mardi Gras Open event.  

This years competition will include something for everyone, including four player classifications, Open, Amateur, Novice and Rookie.  “Open Class” (formerly pro) and “Rookie” teams will play in separate divisions, playing only teams of their own classification.  The Amateur and Novice classes will once again be mixed for the preliminary round but will be separated into their own semi finals and finals.  Returning for the second straight year is the "One-on-One" competition.  Players will compete in an NCAA Tournament style format where the final two will play a best two out of three to determine the winner and receive a KTM 125cc Motocross Bike.

Last year the Diablo Mardi Gras Open "set a strong standard for others to follow", handing out upwards of $150,000 in cash & prizes were awarded to 28 teams placing in the event.  Among the prizes were 11 Sea-Doo Jet Ski Watercraft and 60 paintball markers!  The 2002 Diablo Mardi Gras Open will be even better, with a prize package estimated to eclipse $150,000.  This year the "Open" class will split the "Open" entry fee among the top four finishers.  1st Place finishers in the "Amateur" will take home 5 Honda 250cc Motocross Bikes and the top dog in the "Novice" will take home 5 KTM 125cc Motocross Bikes.  Top finishers in the "Rookie" division as well as other placing teams in the "Amateur" & "Novice" divisions will take home top notch prizes as well.  For a sample of what you can expect, take a look at last years package:

1. 5 Sea-Doo Jet Skis 
2. $2500 
3. $1500 
4. $1000 

1. 5 Sea-Doo Jet Skis 
2. 5 Diablo Matrix', 5 Center Flag Air Systems, 5 DYE Boomsticks, 5 Planet Bags 
3. 5 Freeflow Cockers, 5 OTP G3 Barrels, 5 Shocktech Bolts, 5 Center Flag Airsystems 
4. 5 KAPP Cockers, 5 JT Barrels 
5. 5 P&P Cold Fusion Cockers, 5 JT Barrels, 5 DYE Attack Packs 
6. 5 Cases Diablo, 5 Unique special Mardi Gras Paks, 5 Extreme Rage Barrel bags 
7. 5 cases Diablo, 5 Redz Packs, 5 Extreme Rage Barrel bags 
8. 5 cases Diablo, 5 Jacko Packs 

1. 5 Angels, 5 CP Pro Barrel kits, 5 Unique bags, 5 Shocktech Dropforwards 
2. 5 Diablo Matrix', 5 Smart Parts Freak Barrels, 5 Shocktech Dropforward s
3. $2500 Gift certificate from Airgun Designs, 5 G-1 Barrels 
4. $2500 Gift certificate from Airgun Designs, 5 G-1 Barrels 
5. 5 FG Milleniums, 5 CP barrels, 5 Extreme Rage Packs 
6. 5 Spyder LCD Frames, 5 Cases Zap 
7. 5 V Force Goggles, 5 DYE 2001 Core jersies 
8. 5 V Force Goggles, 5 Warrior Sports Gear jersies 

1. 5 Bushmasters, 5 JT Barrels, 5 32 Degrees Gear bags 
2. 5 WGP Cockers, 5 JT Barrels, 5 Shocktech bolts 
3. 5 XTSs, 5 cases of Diablo, 5 Extreme Rage packs, 5 Animal jersies 
4. 5 XTSs, 5 cases of Diablo, 5 Extreme Rage packs 
5. 5 XTSs, 5 cases of Team Colors, 5 Redz packs 
6. 5 XTSs, 5 cases of Team Colors, 5 Redz packs 
7. 5 32 Degrees jersies, 5 Traumahead videos, 5 32 Degrees visors 
8. 5 32 Degrees jersies, 5 Traumahead videos 

Once again this years event will feature a first class trade show and will include manufacturer tech classes from several of the industry's top manufacturers.  Novice and Rookie teams are invited to come out early on the 24th for instructional classes from some of the worlds top pro players and teams.

As if the tournament was not enough...there's Mardi Gras.  The 24 hour a day party that last for three weeks in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  There is NOTHING like it.  The Mardi Gras celebration usually takes place a certain number of days before a major holiday.  This years event was moved up a week by the City of New Orleans, to make room for the rescheduling of the Super rest assured....there will be babes and beads in the streets and balls on the West Bank ...flying at 300 fps at the state of the art Alario Center.  "With massive prizes, a huge team turnout, and intense competition, backed by extreme partying off the field"  it's an event to remember!

Registration deadline is January 19th, 2002.  For more information, team registration or hotel locations visit the Diablo Mardi Gras Open web site at call Hardcore Sports at 281.920.2559

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