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JT Cash at World Cup

JT USA is giving away $100,000.00 at WORLD CUP in Orlando, Florida, October 22nd through the 28th!!! --- That's "MONEY!" 

$100,000.00 COLD, HARD CONTINGENCY CASH MONEY!!! This is contingency cash paid out to Amateur A and B both 5- & 10-MAN teams. 

Amateur A Teams only have to shoot the paint from start to finish to qualify. The following are the prize amounts for each placement:

Amateur A, 5-MAN 
1st: $5,000.00 
2nd: $2,500.00 
3rd: $1,500.00 
4th: $1,000.00 

Amateur A, 10-MAN 
1st: $10,000.00 
2nd: $5,000.00 
3rd: $3,000.00 
4th: $2,000.00 
Amateur B Teams are encouraged to not only shoot JT Paint from start to finish, but will also have the opportunity to win more money if they are wearing a JT Mask & Apparel and/or using a JT Barrel.

Amateur B, 5-MAN 1st place TOTAL: $10,000.00 
Paint 1st: $5,000.00 
Mask & Apparel 1st: $3,000.00 
Barrel 1st: $2,000.00 

Amateur B, 10-MAN, 1st place TOTAL: $20,000.00 
Paint 1st: $10,000.00 
Mask & Apparel 1st: $6,000.00 
Barrel 1st: $4,000.00 

(To get more detail on the prize amounts for each category for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, please contact JT USA.) 

So, if you are an Amateur B, 10-MAN team and all team members used JT paint, wore a JT Mask & Apparel, used a JT Barrel, and take 1st place, you will not only take home the prizes awarded at World Cup, but will also win $20,000.00 directly from JT USA!!!

The team that wins 1st Place in the Amateur A 10-MAN division will also win $10,000.00 just for shooting JT PAINT!!! 


Most likely, your team is already wearing the apparel and mask, so why not try the JT Paint? JT Paint is the most accurate paint you will ever shoot. You have our word on it. It's 99.8% accurate within a 2ft. circle at a distance of 80 ft.


- Shoot JT Paint ONLY from start to finish of tournament play. 
- Products may be purchased at the tournament PRIOR to the start of the tournament. 
- Apparel consists of jerseys, pants, and gloves. 
- Teams must register prior to the start of the tournament to be eligible. 
NOTE: All cash prizes paid in 10 monthly payments beginning January 1,

- Pre-register by contacting Bea Youngs, Promotions Coordinator, JT USA at
619-421-2660, ext 224 or email: 
- On-site registration begins on October 21st at the JT compound.
- All team members must be present. 
- Registration table will be located at the JT Compound.


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