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FSPA - Father/Son Paintball Association

The FSPA is proud to announce to the public the formation of the FSPA-
Father/Son Paintball Association and the FSPA 2001 Tournament Circuit.

The FSPA is an organization dedicated to promoting youth safety,
sportsmanship and building better adult-youth relationships. FSPA members
will enjoy such benefits as, FSPA tournament entry discounts, quarterly
newsletter, free classified advertising in newsletter, laminated FSPA
membership card, special paintball merchandise discounts, and a free gift for

The FSPA 2001 tournament circuit is an adult-youth team competition
featuring two tournaments in one. Participants will compete in a 2-man
center-flag tournament and also a target shooting tournament, with points
being awarded from each competition and the points totaled to form a final
score. Trophies will be awarded to top place finishers. 2001 will be a busy
year for the FSPA with 4 qualifying tournaments scheduled from
April-August. Ending the 2001 season will be a state championship held in
September. The FSPA will also hold a non-qualifying event in June and
plans to participate as a special unit at D-Day, June 1-3 at The Bunker in
Wyandotte, OK. At the end of each tournament there will be random prize
drawings for the participants, everyone will have an equal chance to win a

We are very excited about the coming year and look forward to the
challenges of properly educating our youth to assure the future growth of the
sport of paintball. If you would like more information about the FSPA
Father/Son Paintball Association and the FSPA 2001 Tournament Circuit
contact us at:

FSPA Father/Son Paintball Association
P.O. Box 701
Ozark, MO 65721
Call or fax
Jon C. Wardlow FSPA president and tournament director

Father/Son Paintball Association 2001 Tournament Circuit
Open to all youth ages 10-17 
Two tournaments in one: 2 man Centerflag / Round Robin &
Target shooting tournament
Registration opens 9 a.m. - Tournament starts at 10 a.m.

April 8th 2001- Paint Games Plus/ 1411 W. Kearney, Springfield, MO 

May 6th 2001- Ozark Paintball/ 671 Jackson Spring Rd., Ozark, MO

417-443-6633 (Doennig Sport Swings)

June 1-3 2001- D-Day-The Bunker- Special Group Participation (Non-Qualifier)

918-666-3411 Hwy 60, Wyandotte, OK

July 1st 2001- Springfield Paintball/ 601 N. National, Springfield, MO

Aug. 5th 2001- Paint Games Plus-North/ 967 NW 375th Jnct. Holden,MO
816-850-6338/417-866-8862 (On Hwy. 50)

Custom plaques for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places

Hundreds of dollars in random prize drawings for participants
State Championship
(Teams must have participated in at least 2 qualifiers)

Sept. 9th 2001- Paint Games Plus/ 1411 W. Kearney, Springfield, MO

Special Prizes For Championship Tournament- To be announced
Official Entry Form

We have read and understand the rules and enclosed this completed application and our entry fee to

Father/Son Paintball Association. In signing this application, we hereby waive and release all

Hosts, Sponsors, and Tournament Officials from all claims for injury and/or damage, and for any
negligent act or other , incurred in connection with this tournament. We further understand and agree
that the Tournament Committee reserves the right to refund this submitted entry fee if, for any reason, it
shall choose not to accept this application. We swear that the facts given are true and accurate to the
best of our knowledge. Registration Fee: FSPA Member, $50 Per Event / Non-Member, $60 Per Event .
All events are field paint only: 500 rounds for $15.00

If you would like to receive information as to how you can become a FSPA Member, please write to:
FSPA,P.O. Box 701 Ozark, MO 65721 or call 417-485-6205

Location ____________________ Date_______ Division _____ Member # ______ Enclosed

Father Name _____________________________Address_________________________ City

State___ Zip ______ Phone ( )_________ E- Mail _________Signature________________ 


Son Name _____________________________D.O.B. ________ Address________________

or City _______________________State ____ Zip ________

Daughter Phone ( ) _____________ Signature _______________________

We need Equipment ______# needed / We do not need any Equipment _____

                  Rental equipment is included in entry fee if needed

In Addition: except where legally prohibited, by accepting any prize the winners and all participants
grant permission for FSPA- and those acting under its authority to use his/her name, photograph,

voice and/or likeness of advertising and/or publicity purposes without compensation.

Note: Make check payable to the FSPA. Enter early for tie-breaker advantage. No refunds, unless
tournament is canceled for reasons of safety. No refunds for any other reasons. 



2- Man Tournament Rules:

   1.The length of each game shall not exceed 5 minutes. 
   2.All guns will be chrono-graphed to no more than the individual playing fields limits before the
     tournament begins. 
   3.Each team member shall start each game with no more than 200 paintballs, no additional paint
     can be carried onto the playing field. Each player will enter the on deck area with a full hopper. .
     Players may not leave the on deck area with their paintball guns after they have entered. 
   4.Any player leaving or shooting from outside the field boundaries will called out. 
   5.A player is out of the game if he is hit by a paintball and it breaks on him, this includes his
     clothing, gun or equipment. 
   6.When a player is marked he/she is to immediately call themselves out, install their barrel plug
     and leave the field while holding their gun over their head. 
   7.If there is a question as to whether a player has been marked, call for a "paint check", play will
     cease and not resume until the referee has made his decision. 
   8.Each game will be refereed by 4 persons, 2 supplied by the host field and 2 adults from each
     team, rotating after they have finished playing their round.

Game Format: 2 Man center-flag

Game Scoring: 

Flag hang 50 points

First flag pull is 30 points

Flag in transit and in possession of a live player at the end of the game is 15 points

Elimination are 10 points

Maximum possible score per game is 100 points. A tie in this tournament will result in the teams
participating in a final deciding game. 


   1.Hot gun is 10 points 
   2.Any player wiping paint or aggressive play after being marked with a obvious hit is - 50 points 
   3.Foul language, 1 warning then 25 points 
   4.Calling a paint check on another player, 1 warning then - 25 points

Target shooting rules:

   1.All contestants shall wear goggles while in the shooting area. 
   2.All contestants shall use a Tippman Model 98, with Flat line barrel, powered by a 68 cu in
     compressed air system. This gun will be provided by the FSPA Father / Paintball Association.
   3.The paintball gun will be chrono-graphed to Approx. 290 fps, before each team participates. 
   4.Field paint shall be provided by the FSPA Father / Son Paintball Association. 
   5.All targets will be the same size and located at the following intervals, 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft,
     and 150 ft. 
   6.Each team member will have 5 shots at each target on the coarse, a hit on any target will count
     as 2 points. Max. team score is 100 points. 
   7.Each team members scores will be totaled and recorded by the tournament officials. A tie in this
     tournament will result in a shoot off between the teams. 
   8.Any disputes of the scores must be made to tournament officials.

The following points for each event- 2- man center-flag and target tournament shall be awarded as

1st Place 50 Points 6th Place 25 Points 

2nd Place 45 Points 7th Place 20 Points 

3rd Place 40 Points 8th Place 15 Points

4th Place 35 Points 9th Place 10 Points

5th Place 30 Points 10th Place 5 Points

All other teams shall be awarded 2 points for participation.

These point totals will be combined and the team with the largest total will be the winners. In the event
of a final point total tie the team with the earliest entry will be the winner.

FSPA Mission Statement
The goal of the FSPA-Father/Son Paintball Association is to promote the future growth of the sport of paintball, by providing competent instruction in such issues as safety and sportsmanship while also building better adult and youth relationships.

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