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NPPL Annual Meeting
National Professional Paintball League


A review of the Annual NPPL Meeting held in Las Vegas earlier this month....

National Professional Paintball League (NPPL)Annual Meeting December 6th 2003 The NPPL with the support of Pure Promotions has finished an outstanding 2003 Super 7 World Series. The goals which were set at last years NPPL annual meeting in November of 2002 were far exceeded this year.

The largest goal accomplished in 2003 is the Television Program showcasing Professional Paintball on Fox Sports Net airing January 28th at 3:30pm. The Program consists of six shows airing every Wednesday for 6 weeks. The NPPL and Pure Promotions in 2003 changed the way the world views tournament Paintball events, the following are just a look at some of the successes in 2003’s success:

Better venues, athlete staging areas, site layouts, independent referees, no problems with air filling, fruit and water for athletes, better schedules, better prizes, large grand stands, individual team tents, chronos, clean toilets, EMT’s, safety procedures, security, police, city involvement, outside media exposure, informative event programs at each event, captains meetings, media tent, wireless service, catering, players party, VIP areas, DJ's, live music, massage girls, membership services, friendly staff, ref training program , DVD’s and now a Super 7 World Series TV Show on Fox Sports Net.

Moving forward to 2004 the NPPL Annual meeting was very productive.

Chuck Hendsch, NPPL
Bart Walkerdine, Pure Promotions
Camille Baker, NPPL
Kevin Bredthauer, Dynasty
Lauren Hamet, TonTons and Millennium
Tom Cole, Bad Company
Jeff Ferrari, Organized Crime
Randy Wood, PanAm Circuit
Ric McKenzie, Triple Tap
Phil Dominguez, NPPL Ultimate Official
Ennis Rushtin, Ricochet Development
Doug Goeckle, Wone Concepts
Robert Orr, WGP
Sonny Lopez, Naughty Dogs
Ken Docken, Relic
Daniel Wessels
Gary Fitzgerald, Amp’d
Geoff Wilkens, STP
Tyler Michaud, STP
Eric Tathak, Static
John Smith, Static
Greg Pauley, Diesel
Chris Raehl, NCPA
Chris Hadner, ZAP Paintball
Ron Kilbourne, Bushwackers & Rules Committee

Unable to attend: Ed Poorman (Avalanche), Rocky Knuth (Naughty Dogs), Dave Zinkham (NPPL Scrutineer), Glen Forster (Rules Committee), NateGreenman  (Brass Eagle All-Stars), Ledz (Nexus)

Major Points and new changes;
The NPPL in conjunction with Pure Promotions are looking after the best interests of the players, sponsors and spectators. The goal is to offer the players a safe, fair, competitive tournament series, the sponsor’s a platform to expose their brands to the masses and provide the spectators a spectacular Experience.

Dates and Cities for 2004
March 19-21 Huntington Beach
May 21-23 Tampa
July Venue and Date TBA
September Venue and Date TBA
November in Miami Venue and Date TBA

1st $20,000
2nd $10,000 
3rd $5,000
4th $2,500

Division I
1st $8,000
2nd $4,000
3rd $2,000
4th $1,000

Division II
1st $6,000
2nd $3,000
3rd $1,500

Division III
1st Free Entry Fee
2nd $ 650 off an Entry Fee
3rd $ 325 off an Entry Fee
4th $ 175 off an Entry Fee

Entrance Fees
Professional $2000
Division I $1750
Division II $1650
Division III $1300

New Division Names
Professional will stay “Professional”
Amateur will be “Division I”
Novice will be “Division II”
Rookie will be “Division III”

Ref Program
10 refs per field
1 Ultimate in a tower
8 Referees on field
1 Chrono Judge
Radios for refs
Training Referee Program.

Certification 2 day course before each event Manual Test On Field Training More details including critcuim to be put forth in January First training course is January 17th and 18th Hollywood Sports Park Bellflower California.

Format Changes
The Format will remain the same in 2004. The only change is the game time has been reduced to 7 Minutes, the same as Millennium. We are considering back to back games in the Finals still to be determined. We are not considering other formats for the 2004 season.

Outside marketing plan to expose more people to Paintball. We have hired an out of Industry Marketing group to market the sport to the masses. The goal is to bring more spectators to our events. The events will also be filmed for TV and DVD’s.

New Pro league for 2005 
Announcement on new league is under consideration and will be announced in Early January 2004.

Rule Organization and consolidation
Rules Change topics include but not limited to:
Verbal abuse
Paintball staining

A task force is being organized to review and better categorize all rules. New 2004 book will be printed and available in late January 2004.

We are looking for input. If you would like to get on a task force or committee please contact the NPPL. The NPPL is a league run by the players for the Players

Task Forces and Committees
Volunteers to join committees (again, to be added to this list please e-mail or )
Chris Raehl, NCPA
John Smith, Static
Ron Kilbourne, Bushwackers
Greg Pauley, Diesel
Sandy Johnson Tripple Tap
Jim Kingrea, Element very interested
John Rathburn, Evil Factory
Jeff Ferrari, Organized Crime may be interested
Sonny Lopez, Naughty Dogs may be interested
Rick Tripple Tap may be interested
Doug Goeckle, Wone Concepts may be interested

2003 Rules Committee
Glen Forster
Tom Cole
Pete “Robbo” Robinson
Phil Dominguez
Ron Kilbourne

Task Group for Format
Tom Cole
Jeff Ferrari

We look forward to seeing you next year for another revolutionary NPPL Super 7 World Series.

Please tune in for all the NPPL Super 7 World Series FOX Net Shows. See our website for show times

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