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Airgun Designs


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Airgun Designs Releases the ULE Trigger Pull Kit
Airgun Designs


WHEELING, IL - August 25, 2003 - Engineering. It's what Airgun Designs (AGD) has been known for throughout its history. The latest product to come out of AGD's think tank is the ULE Trigger Pull Kit (Ultra Light Trigger/ULT for short), part of AGD's Ultra Light Engineering product line.

The ULT isn't some big add-on contraption or even a new trigger frame. The ULT is a newly designed on/off assembly. Simply take out your old on/off assembly and replace it with the ULT. Presto-change-o! Your trigger pull drops by 2 pounds! The new trigger pull weighs in at a mere 15 ounces. That's near-electronic trigger lightness with the reliability of all-mechanical operation. No need to worry about when your battery is going to die, no worries about getting electronic parts wet. The ULT just keeps on working.

Combine the ULE Trigger Pull Kit with the Lvl 10 Low Impact Bolt system on your mechanical AGD marker and you'll have a marker with a trigger that is nearly 'electronic light' and a proven mechanical anti-chop system. Nowhere else can you get these features without batteries and electronics. Who says you need batteries in your marker?

The ULE Trigger Pull Kit is best utilized in an AGD marker powered by a valve based on our Reactive Trigger technology. The ULT is a drop in upgrade for the X-Valve and the newer RT Pros (those equipped with an all black valve). The ULT is compatible with Automags, MiniMags, E-Mags, or X-Mags. However, installation and use of the ULT with these markers is not recommended. To achieve maximum trigger lightness, it is recommended that the ULT be used in conjunction with a Lvl 10.

Owners of older valves/markers, such as the Automag RT, RT Pros with the half steel/half aluminum valves, and ReTro Valves are not out of luck. While these valves are not compatible as they now exist, they can be milled in order to make them compatible with the ULE Trigger Pull Kit. Brad Nestle, an Authorized AGD Factory Technician, can mill out your older valve for a minimal charge. Brad can be contacted at Paintball Maxx ( in Houston, Texas.

These features, combined with Airgun Designs' legendary reliability and customer service, make the new ULE Trigger Pull Kit a great new way to customize your AGD marker. The ULE Trigger Pull Kit, with a MSRP of $47 US, is available from your local paintball shop or from AGD directly. The ULE Trigger Pull Kit is the creation of Airgun Designs, a company that has brought many innovations to the paintball industry since its founding in 1988. These innovations include the Power Feed, Reactive Triggers, and the Warp Feed. Also, compressed air and fiber wrapped tanks, a common sight at paintball fields the World over, were first introduced to the paintball industry by Airgun Designs back in 1991.

Interested in learning more about current and upcoming Airgun Designs products? Please visit us at and at is the Official Automags Owners Group. This site is owned and operated by Airgun Designs, and provides a place where paintball fanatics can come together and interact.


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