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NPPL Information for Chicago


Dear NPPL teams, sponsors and supporters;

On behalf of the National Professional Paintball League and Pure Promotions, I would like to personally thank you all for the outstanding level of participation, respect and sportsmanship each and every one of you displayed at the NPPL Super 7 Las Vegas event last month. The professionalism displayed by players, sponsors, media and supporters was at an all-time high;
making our jobs that much easier. I apologize for not getting this sent out to you earlier as I must confess, I took a much needed vacation after the Las Vegas event and let me tell you, I am 100% rejuvenated and ready to go for Chicago! We are in the process of announcing the venue as you read this and if all indicators are correct, Chicago may very well hold the toughest competition to date and the most polished NPPL Super 7 event as well… after all, third time’s a charm, right?

In our conquest to bring you the best of the best in paintball events, we are going to try new things. Some will be a success, others a learning experience. In paving the way for the future of tournament paintball, these are risks that we will have to take. After speaking to most of you about the event, we have been able to evaluate your reviews of the event and are going to
implement additional improvements for the upcoming Chicago tournament.

In Chicago we will go back to having all divisions play on the Center Court NPPL Field (1st and 2nd places during the finals). In Las Vegas we were trying something different for the benefit of non-paintball spectators and PBTV; that is what we are about. We are going to try new things until we have got the right formula to expose paintball to the masses, on this occasion from a filming perspective it worked, but for spectators and teams it did not. We will be reverting back to the old system, which was used in the Huntington Beach event. This is where finals are played on two fields, but we will keep all finals to best of three 7-minute games.

The NPPL Super 7 World Series Huntington Beach and Las Vegas events have changed the way we look at paintball today. It is our ingenious staff’s creativity and dedication to the players that has inspired our original ideas of having heightened security for the players paddocks area, individual team tents and a clean, professional venue we all can be proud of, as well as showing courtesy and respect for the players by providing teams with complimentary chiropractic care, massages, water and fresh fruit.
We’ve listened to you and are committed to satisfying your needs and giving you service over and above your wildest expectations.

Highlights from the NPPL Super 7 World Series Las Vegas event include:
• Athletes from Russia, France, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, England, Canada and the United States including Hawaii and Alaska
• An incredible venue with great fields designed by the French company Adrenaline, manufacturers of the Sup Airball Field.
• The Referee squad was tough and strict calling the rules as they are written.
• The score board was updated by the Pure promotion staff run by none other then the efficient, never-tiring Dawn and Bill Mills of; the NPPL’s Official Internet resource.
• All the Super 7 sponsors were there displaying their products and supporting the teams, making a festive environment with the DJ’s straight from London revving up the crowd as well as live music on Saturday afternoon from bands such as Slugg-o, a favorite from event #1. Saturday night was definitely a night for the players.
• The launch of the dynamic PBTV DVD for Event #1 (Huntington Beach 2003, available now at ) followed by the Miss NPPL Bikini contest.
• Recording artists B. Real of Cypress Hill and Everlast polished off the player’s party with an unprecedented custom performance just for the players.
• Tasty event concessions provided by Sam Boyd as the VIP Tent was hopping each day with Budweiser and some lovely ladies.
• The Grandstands had the University of California-Irvine Cheerleaders keeping the crowd aroused and excited along with commentators Will Arroyo and Matty Marshal who joined host Carrie Strongin by letting us know what was up on and off the NPPL field.

The Vegas event was another big step in the right direction; now we move onward to Event #3; the NPPL Super 7 World Series Chicago Event. For weeks now we have had staff in Chicago ensuring each detail is being covered for this upcoming event. This experience will take place in a first class venue on grass playing fields, with the most seasoned tournament ref squad to date. A mandatory Captain’s Meeting will be held at the field Thursday June 5th at 6:00 pm sharp. Teams may fly into either airport, with Midway being just slightly closer to the site, each airport approximately 40 minutes from the event. Registration for this June 6 – 8 event will open next week, so be ready and stay tuned to for all the details to start pouring in.

These events are custom made just for you. Letting us know what you like and what you want changed is actually what we’re looking for, so keep it coming. E-mail with any comments or suggestions. Also, we encourage you to visit our website and learn how to get your team’s profile posted. There are also four video clips with audio are posted on bringing you footage of the finals, the Miss NPPL contest, the B. Real and Everlast performance from the player’s party as well as the overall vibe of the event. Remember, if you don’t have your copy of the PBTV DVD event #1 from Huntington Beach, you may now order one from

Again, thank you all for your endless support and much appreciated feedback and advice. As always, feel free to call me with any questions or concerns and I look forward to seeing you in Chi-town!

All the best,

Camille Baker
Team Liaison
Director of Marketing
National Professional Paintball League
(714) 536-9050 Phone
(714) 536-0676 Fax

The NPPL and Pure Promotions would like to thank our Platinum Sponsors:
JT, Brass Eagle, Viewloader, Raven, Kingman, WDP, Angel, Chronic, ZAP, Evil, PMI


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