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Team Blitzkrieg Promotes AGD Tac-Ones


Airgun Designs is proud to announce a new sponsorship for one of the first established teams in scenario paintball’s history: Blitzkrieg Paintball Scenario Team ™. Team Blitzkrieg is assigned with utilizing and promoting the Tac-One line of scenario markers to the scenario players. Team members will have a limited number of the Tac-Ones for other players to use during the events Team Blitzkrieg attends. Team members will also be providing technical support for Automag users at games they attend, either in a Friday night class setting or by working on Automags at events.

With a current roster of 14 members and growing, Team Blitzkrieg has traveled the United States playing promoters’ scenario games since 1996. Based out of Texas, Team Blitzkrieg is a national entity, with members in Florida, Indiana, New York, Vermont and Virginia. There are additional players currently in the prospecting phase, being prepared to join the roster of this legendary team.

Some of the most experienced and talented scenario players in the game today are on the current roster: Former captain of the NPPL Team Thunderstruck and owner of Sherwood Forest Adventure Games Joe “Smoking Joe” Stayback; Mike “White Feather” Walsh; Diane “Mother” Howe; former scenario game producer Tommy “Big T” Hill; Erik “Epic” Timmerman; founding team member and William Shatner XO Patrick “Pacman” McKinnon; David “Goombah” Hofmann; Gary “Sherlock” Neckers; Jimmy “Sandspur” Norton; Tim “Nighthawk” Scalici; the editor of Scenario News Lawrence “TB” Wright; Cole Timmerman; Barrie “Nudi” Reid and Heather “Razor” Walsh.

Current Team Blitzkrieg members have over 150 years of combined experience, having played in over 600 scenario games in the past 20 years. The team has amassed 13 Most Valuable Team awards; 46 Most Valuable Player awards; 29 Sportsmanship awards and 5 other awards given out at various games. Members have commanded games - both large and small - and have a total combined win-loss ratio of 39 wins, 9 losses and 3 ties. The year 2004 is already shaping up to be a great one for the team: with 5 games played and 7 awards received, Team Blitzkrieg is at the top of the game. This is one of the premiere teams in the scenario sport today and a logical choice for a company as innovative and committed to excellence as Airgun Designs.

AGD president Tom Kaye had this to say about sponsoring Team Blitzkrieg: “Blitzkrieg and the other teams we sponsor represent the highest level of scenario ball. They are the consummate pros of the scenario world. Any scenario guy would hold up fine in an airball game, but no pro tourney guy would even know how to invade the enemy’s position with the effective use of role-playing and armament.”

When asked what he expected from sponsoring scenario teams in general - and Team Blitzkrieg in particular - Kaye responded: ”The same as what you get from any other pro team; showing the playing public that you guys chose us because we are best at what we do and the products we make. We didn't have to lay 300 grand on the table to convince you, did we?”

Tom Kaye and AGD are committed to become the paintball marker of choice for serious scenario players and hard-hitting rec-ball players. When asked about the direction of AGD and why he chose to get into scenario, Tom replied: “In my mind, this is not a new direction because we always had a mechanical gun for woods players. Tough and reliable is what we stand for. ‘Scenario’ has become the new word in paintball; these players have talent and they need firepower that matches that talent. We are listening to them and giving them the 24-hour marker they want!”

Known for their hard-hitting style, stand-up play, player assistance and genuine love of the game, teams Blitzkrieg, The Mayberry Marauders, Bad Karma, Evil Inc. and Mag Dawgs have all been selected by AGD to represent the company and the Automag paintball markers on the scenario field.

At this writing, Team Blitzkrieg members are slated to command two events in 2004: At Paintball USA in Houston, TX (April 24-25) and at EMR in New Milford, PA (May 29-30). They will also be in attendance at many other games, including the Oklahoma D-Day, The William Shatner charity event (Sept. 4-5) and Viper’s Texas Revolution and Twilight Zone games in Fairfield, TX. The team’s schedule will be updated regularly on the Blitzkrieg website. Players may post their questions and comments on the website’s forums.

Visit and to learn more about Blitzkrieg Paintball Scenario Team ™ and AGD. Email contacts for the team are Lawrence “TB” Wright at and Patrick “Pacman” McKinnon at


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