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Action Markers


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Action Markers Presents Diadem Crown Tour
Action Markers


Action Markers Presents: The Diadem Crown Tour 2004 2 Teams - 1 Goal - No Escape!

Action Markers announces their plans to unleash the first ever Traveling Tournament Series on an unsuspecting populace. The tournament series, dubbed “The King of the Cage Tournament,” is slated as a no-holds-barred cage-match style game. Played inside of a paintball style, fully enclosed cage, this tournament will be fast, furious, and always intense! There is also open play planned at these events, with equipment and paint on hand for anyone with the guts to take a couple shot at their friends.

No tournament experience is necessary, however, as Action Markers has drafted a special set of “Cage Match” rules for these events, which eliminates the complicated point structure and keeps score only on wins. With this exciting system, the events will be run true double-elimination tournament style to guarantee every team at least six games. Each set will be scored on a “best-of-three” system the first day and “best-of-seven” system on the second day to deliver the maximum amount playtime to all teams involved. Each tournament is a two-day event, so be prepared for almost 20 hours of tournament time!

The current circuit on the schedule is packed with 12 stops throughout the spring, summer and fall; including stops in Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Dallas, Chicago and more. Events are slated to run two days each, with more than $5000 of cash and prizes will be given away at each event and still growing, with a generous prize structure that awards all teams with a prize package worth at least as much as the admission to the tournament! With only 16 team spots available at each event, places are burning away fast! Contact Action Markers at or 1-866-478-2255 for registration information on all 12 events.

The King of the Cage Tournaments will take place at the following locations and dates:

March 26-27 Cobo Hall: Detroit, MI
April 2-3 Miami Convention Center: Miami, FL
April 9-10 Columbus Convention Center: Columbus, OH
May 7-8 World Congress Center: Atlanta, GA
June 4-5 BeaveRun Motorsports Complex: Wampum, PA
July 9-10 Prime Osborn Center: Jacksonville, FL
July 16-17 Sand Point Naval Base: Seattle, WA
August 6-7 Pennsylvania Expo Center: Allentown, PA
October 1-2 Portland Expo Center: Portland, OR
October 15-16 Dallas Convention Center: Dallas, TX
October 22-23 McCormick Place: Chicago, IL

Each event promises up to 15,000 spectators to watch these games, so if you want to get your team noticed, these are definitely the best places to do it. Each event takes place in the biggest venue in their regions, so expect some camera time and plenty of adoring fans

Action Markers has arranged to provide equipment to all participants. This eliminates the need to lug your own equipment out to these events, and provides an opportunity to try out some new, professional grade markers by Action Markers. The Diadem ITS, Action Markers’ new flagship marker, and the marker that provided the name for the tournament series, will be the marker of choice at these events.

The Diadem ITS is a tournament marker with electronically controlled pneumatics at it heart. It has already received rave reviews for its shot-to-shot consistency, stock barrel accuracy, low weight, innovative design, short length, and easy upgradeability. Six selectable modes of fire, tournament lock, one of the shortest trigger-pulls available and capable of firing over 18 balls per second; these features define what makes a pro level marker. Tournament tested, and tournament proven, the Diadem ITS promises to be the crowning finish to your game.

While it may seem that Action Markers is taking a big risk to provide such high level, professional grade equipment for this kind of event, they assure us that their equipment will more than handle any kind of abuse that can be dished out during any game. This kind of durability and commitment to quality has made Action Markers stand out in the last few years in a market where looks and hype have ruled the tournament scene. Their fresh outlook on what equipment needs to provide, and what players expect of their equipment, has made waves in the industry of paintball marker manufacture time and again. The Diadem ITS also made waves by providing all the flexibility and features of higher priced markers, at less than half the price of comparable markers.

The Action Markers Royalty will be traveling the country doggedly with this event, so stop in, say hi, and play some paintball. Overalls will be available for anyone who wants to play the game but doesn’t want to get paint on their cloths. Paint will also be for sale by the box, by the bag, and by the pod for you penny pinchers. This means that people playing in the open-play games can pay for paint as they go. With an adjoining car show and many other attractions going on as well, like a BMX exhibition and a bikini contest, it's a party for everyone! Go to play, or go to watch.

The prize package is now over $75,000 for the tournament. A big Thank You to EMR paintball and AJP paintball for helping us out. We will be using the all-new AJP Podloader in all of our staging areas. Check them out.


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