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Challenge Park Xtreme to host Codename:Blizzard Winter Big Game
January 8,  2002

Challenge Park Xtreme announced plans today to hold an upcoming paintball big game “Codename: Blizzard”, scheduled for March 9th, 2003. Players from all over the country are expected to attend the battle in the snow. Codename: Blizzard is the sequel event from CPX’s 2002 ICE WARS, and will be the rematch between commanders Butch “Splatinov” Leeper and Tony “At Ease” Andrin. The big game will be played on 110 acres of varying terrain 
and themed fields and follows the storyline started with the original game.  

“Welcome to the year 2013. The world has changed considerably in the last 10 years. The biggest change would have to be reformation 
of the U.S.S.R. although not in its historical image.  After feeling isolated from the rest of the European Union, Russia began to reform alliances with its broken states and old allies to regain its status as a world power.  Using NATO and the European Union as a scapegoat, in 2012 Russia sent General Boris Splatinov to invade Finland as a “defensive” maneuver, to protect it’s borders in what was known as ICE WARS. Nato responded by dispatching its rapid reaction forces under the command of General Andrin to the area to control the situation until the larger forces could arrive. Unfortunatly, Nato barely lost the battle and their beachhead was lost. Nato has regrouped its forces and a plan to return to Finland has been approved. CODENAME: BLIZZARD  A small detachment of Rangers and Special Forces teams has been sent to the area to secure a beachhead and control the situation until the larger forces can arrive. Nato must hold on while Russia must crush NATO quickly, preventing any reinforcements. Mother Russia has retained Boris Splatinov in command, known for his dedication to the party and violent patriotism in command of the red forces for the campaign, fresh off his victory in the ICE WARS. General Andrin is NATO’s Field commander, known for his improvisation on the battlefield, and is determined to win the battle he barely lost last year, the only black mark of his accomplished military career. NATO has regrouped its forces and now it is time to return to Finland and finish the mission to restore freedom and….. you are there to control destiny!” 

Challenge Park Xtreme is the world’s first extreme sports theme park, located just outside Chicago. The $8 million facility, situated on 
150 acres, features paintball, BMX racing, skateboarding, Mountain Biking, live concerts and other extreme-related sports. 

For more information on Codename: Blizzard, Challenge Park Xtreme, or other upcoming events such as the MXS scenario game 
“Armies of Armageddon”, go to or email

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