Paintball On TV!
December 12, 2002

The Outdoor Life Network camera crew attended the 2003 World Cup and to this point have seemed more than slightly impressed. They filmed in late October, and are airing in mid December without any hesitation. It also seems likely  they will be covering additional
PSP tournaments in the future.

Obviously there was significant work in getting the initial interest
of Outdoor Life Network. Now after a single visit to the 2003 World
Cup, and I am assuming their consequent viewing of the film shot,
they seem to be completely open to making paintball a regular part of
their programming.

Here are the air dates and times for paintball:

Saturday 12/14/02  - 02:00pm
Sunday 12/15/02  - 05:00am
Thursday 12/19/02  - 06:00pm
Monday   12/23/02  - 07:00pm
Sunday   12/29/02  - 02:00pm