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WDP Loads Us Up With Information!
September 20, 2002

Angel Teams Clean up in Millennium Series

At the end of 2001, Angel teams won the coveted World Cup and World Series titles, a major success and the first manufacturer outside of the US ever to achieve this. Immediately after the event the World Series winners Ground Zero left the exclusive WDP stable, and were not replaced. 

10 months on WDP have launched the new Angel IR3, complete with the revolutionary new Opto trigger. The Angel is faster and more reliable than ever before, and Angel teams still dominate the major tournament series. The Campaign Cup in London, England re-enforced this dominance. Angel Teams took 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Pro division, the first time this has ever been achieved by any manufacturer since the advent of electronic markers in 1996. A freak result perhaps? A one off? Perhaps not, as Angel teams also took the Series titles in Pro, Amateur and Novice, the combined result of outstanding performances in 5 separate competitions throughout the year. Again, this has never been done before.

The fact that WDP have achieved this kind of dominance while actually reducing the amount of sponsored teams on their books makes these performances all the more impressive. A WDP insider told us:

“It’s not that all the teams play with Angels, it’s just that the ones that do finish higher than the ones that don’t. We recognise talent, and we recognise aggression, we look to design products that suit and compliment these qualities and will give a real edge to our players and teams. We will never resort to illegal firing modes or building velocity cheats into our guns, but certain manufacturers are doing this and it needs to stop. In our opinion it is illegal, sad and dangerous to both the players and the industry as a whole. We are obviously happy with the Millennium series results this year, and would like to congratulate all our teams on a great job”


OK hands up if you thought the Angel IR3’s infra-red capabilities were just a fancy electronic gimmick offering no real advantage to the player. Everyone got their hands up yet? Ok well you had better put them back down again, because WDP just made the following press release….

WDP are please to announce that Free software upgrades will be available at this years World Cup, updating existing IR3 circuit boards to the latest software versions, including an entirely new version of the COPS (Crystal Operated Paint Sensor) as used by Dynasty, Russian Legion and Avalanche in their emphatic 1,2,3 at the Campaign Cup in London. Ir3 owners with Mem 2 boards will be upgraded to Mem 3, and those with Mem 4 or 5 boards will get the brand new Mem 6 software. Both Mem3 and 6 include the new version of the COPS system, which has been adjusted to compliment the Opto triggers higher rate of fire. The new system, extensively tested by Chris LaSoya, provides a chop-free feed that does not skip a beat. COPS2 will shoot at 20 balls per second without pinching a ball, is unaffected by light levels, debris or paint colour and still does not require exterior components.
Without Infra Red the new software version would have constituted a new board, which the players would have had to purchase. Due to the IR capabilities this can now be offered for free, and this will keep IR3 owners up to date with the most recent developments without having to buy a new board or marker.
We asked WDP why they made the change, they told us:
“The first COPS system worked well, but players are now shooting the IR3’s so fast that this original system is struggling to keep up, and players are noticing gaps in their firing strings. The new system is over qualified for the job, we are confident that no-one will be able to out-shoot it, players will not notice that it is switched on, they just won’t break paint. The changes are based on feedback from our teams, and we are obviously pleased to be able to offer the upgrade at the Cup and demonstrate the IR capabilities of the Angel.”

Players will also be able to upgrade to the Opto Trigger board in Orlando. There will be a fee for this as it requires a new board to be fitted due to the physical difference of the new switch. This could allow players to move from Mem 3 to Mem 6 software and get the very latest technology. Get there early, WDP’s booth is usually the busiest one so this is going to be crazy!

Shoot like the Stars

Want your IR3 to shoot like Oliver Langs’, Alex Fraiges’, Chris LaSoyas’ or Rocky Cagnonis’? 

WDP are offering free player downloads from their booth via an infra-red interface. All of your favourite players settings can be instantly beamed into your Angel, and with a few mechanical adjustments your IR3 will shoot exactly like theirs.

Warning - doing this will mean that you can no longer blame your equipment when you lose, so make sure you arm yourself with a few other excuses for doing badly at the event - just in case!

Ladies for Everyone

WDP’s Kreem Lady Drop Forward is now available with a dovetail mount, and with a screw-in adaptor. Previously the Lady Drop Forward has only been available for players using WDP’s air, but due to the success of the product and high demand, the sexiest cradle in paintball can now be used with most other air regulators, and even with C02 tanks. The Ladies are available at a store near you, or from

Tippmann A5 in Europe

The new Tippmann A5 is now available in Europe through WDP, Tippmanns’ exclusive European partner. The A5, complete with the all-new cyclonic hyper-feed, is capable of an incredible rate of fire, looks just like an MP5, and of course has the reliability and rugged functionality of all Tippmann products. WDP will be carrying all necessary spare parts and dealing with the European warranties, as they already do with the Tippmann Model 98 and 98 Custom models. To order, contact WDP on +44 (0)121 328 2228, or e-mail  

WDP and Britain have another World Champ!!!!

How many of you knew that Britain has another World Champ.

Well we're telling you now. A friend of WDP's family and top downhill mountain bike guru, Steve Peat has just taken the UCI World Downhill Mountain Bike Cup. He headed the field of more than a 100 top international DH stars to clinch the title last week in the French Alps. Steve is sponsored by top UK bike makers Orange who supply him with his £8000 downhill monster.

Peaty is good friend of WDP and will be headlining at a pro moto-x and downhill event in the UK in November where WDP will be putting on a Paintball pro-am mini tourney. Top riders will be pitting their paintball skills against a WDP select 5 man team. The event will take place over 2 days (2-3 November) with bands, beer, bbq, birds, bikes and the usual WDP buzz. If you need more info contact WDP on

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