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Airgun Designs' Cut & Carved E-Mag Extreme Debut
September 9, 2002

WHEELING, IL - September 9, 2002 - Airgun Designs (AGD) is proud to announce that the next generation E-Mag, the Cut & Carved E-Mag Extreme made its World debut at the 2002 Diablo International Amateur Open.  AGD’s booth was constantly busy with people interested in learning about and trying out the new Extreme.  The Cut & Carved E-Mag Extreme was so popular that the entire initial production run was sold out during the IAO!

The C&C E-Mag Extreme, with an MSRP of $1250 US (black) and $1350 US (polished), includes all of the features of the ‘classic’ E-Mag plus a few refinements and cutting-edge new features such as:

New Aluminum Mainbody & Valve - A new beautifully milled & anodized aluminum mainbody replaces the old stainless steel mainbody. In concert with the new aluminum valve, this new mainbody puts the C&C E-Mag Extreme in contention for being the lightest marker in its class available today.  

The New Aluminum Valve with Lvl 10 -The new Lvl 10 mod solves the problem of paintball breakage within the E-Mag Extreme by using a dual speed bolt - slow at the beginning and fast towards the end of the bolt stroke.  The slow initial bolt speed is extremely gentle on paint, thus virtually eliminating all paint breakage within the E-Mag Extreme.  Should a paintball not be fully in the breech, the Lvl 10 bolt will stop on the paintball, degas, and recock, allowing the ball to drop fully in the breech and be ready to fire. This, in combination with the second phase of acceleration allows the E-Mag Extreme to be easy on paint while allowing it to maintain the high rate of fire that the E-Mag has always been known for.

“On one (Lvl 10) test run, I played 14 consecutive 10-man games without a single barrel break or chop while shooting some of the most fragile paint on the market,” said Manny Francia, a member of 5-time World Cup Champion, Team Aftershock.

The Gen II Superbolt  - The Lvl 10 mod incorporates the lightweight Gen II Superbolt that greatly decreases the recoil or ‘kick’ of the E-Mag Extreme. The stainless steel Gen II Superbolt is 42% lighter than the old Level 7 bolt, weighing a mere 1.1 ounces.  This puts the Lvl 10’s bolt it in the running for the lightest reciprocating bolt in a paintball marker today.  What does this mean for you?  Greatly increased consistency & accuracy via a tremendous reduction in recoil.  Less recoil equals lesser movement of your marker as you fire a shot, which in turn helps you stay on target.

Interchangeable Breech Modules - Are you a vertical feed style of player?  Or do you prefer a Warp Feed?  With the E-Mag Extreme, you can have both.  The E-Mag Extreme’s breech module is easily removable, allowing you to quickly switch from one feed style to another.

Adjustable Anti-Chop Eye - The Anti-Chop Eye (ACE) will stop your E-Mag Extreme from firing should a paintball not be fully in the breech. 

Cocker Threaded Barrels - The E-Mag Extreme now utilizes one of the most popular barrel interfaces in the industry, Autococker threading.

Integrated On/Off Switch - No more lost battery pins!  A small on/off switch just above the battery housing replaces the old style battery pin.  

These features, combined with Airgun Designs’ legendary reliability and customer service, make the new E-Mag Extreme one of the finest paintball markers in the World. Lightweight. Low profile. Reliable. Consistent. Accurate. Fast. Easy on paint. Beautiful.  What more do you need?

The Cut & Carved E-Mag Extreme and Lvl 10 valve mod are the creations of Airgun Designs, a company that has brought many innovations to the paintball industry since its founding in 1988.  These innovations include the Power Feed, Reactive Triggers, and the Warp Feed.  Also, compressed air and fiber wrapped tanks, a common sight at paintball fields the World over, were first introduced to the paintball industry by Airgun Designs back in 1991.
Interested in learning more about current and upcoming Airgun Designs products?  Please visit us at and at is the Official Automags Owners Group. This site is owned and operated by Airgun Designs, and provides a place where paintball fanatics can come together and interact.

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