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Warped Sportz Opens Sub Station/Authorized Outlet
July 26, 2002

In it’s constant effort to make their product more available throughout the county, Warped Sportz is happy to announce the opening of their first Sub-Station/ Authorized Outlet, at the mega-store of New Jersey paintball force East Coast Paintball. East Coast has just opened a facility, located in the Roseland Shopping Center in Howell, New Jersey.

“This is a great new project for us, but we have give Dave at East Coast a ton of credit,” says Warped Sportz Marketing Director Dan Napoli. “This was basically his idea, finding a middle ground between a franchise and simply being a store that can stock Warped gear.”

East Coast Paintball, and all future Sub-station / Authorized Outlets, will allot a specific amount of square footage, racks, and display cases for Warped Sportz and Team Avalanche product. Sub-stations will then have the ability to get exclusive product, or new product before other stores.

“Again, I think we are offering better support and access to the paintball player, “ said Napoli. “We now have three levels of involvement with retail stores; there are out right franchises that carry our name, logo, and lifestyle aspects, paintball stores who simply stock some of our product on their shelves, and now a third avenue, paintball stores who have a specific area and amount of space reserved for our products known as ‘Sub-stations’.”

Warped Sportz plans on expanding their sub-station program to include more stores spread throughout the U.S.

“We plan on having sub stations in areas where we don’t have franchises at this point. With the Sub-Station idea, we feel like we are giving players better access to our product, but are still flying the old skate shop / indie record store creed of “support your local shop!’ which we believe in. ”

Another way that Warped plans to support sub stations is with personal appearances. East Coast will celebrate the official opening of their sub-station the day after the PSP-NPPL Atlantic City Open, by hosting the opening date of the 2002 Rock The Casbah Tour, Rocky Cagnoni’s personal appearance tour.
In addition to The Rock, Avalanche members Ed Poorman, Chris Lasoya, Mark Knop, and Jeremy Salm, among a few others are schedule to appear August 26 and August 27.

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity to become the first Warped Sportz Sub-Station in the U.S.,” said David Veldof, owner of East Coast Paintball. “East Coast Paintball is dedicated to offering our customers the very best in paintball products. For this reason, it is exciting to work this closely with the Warped Family. It’s going to give us a chance to bring our customers the most unique and highest quality product line on the market.”

East Coast Paintball looks forward to helping kick off the "Rock the Casbah Tour" for Rocky in August, and is very excited to have with us Team Avalanche to help celebrate our huge Grand Opening Party.

For more information on East Coast Paintball, visit 

For more information on the Rock The Casbah Tour, visit 

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