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National Paintball Supply


Procaps, Diablo Direct and National Paintball Supply Alliance

Diablo Direct and National become ONE: The alliance of National Paintball Supply and Diablo Direct is now official, completing the most efficient and convenient Distribution Network ever available to Paintball Dealers. Key Diablo Direct Staff and Partners remain on-board to continue serving Retailers and Field Operators everywhere. With the merging of both product lines, the two united suppliers now offer an absolutely phenomenal array of choices to Dealers, through the joint buying power of both Companies working together, shipping from six sites across the USA. 

The decision to unite the two Distribution Companies is the result of a four-year-long dialogue between Procaps and National Paintball Supply, regarding National’s claim of prior usage of the Diablo name. Eventually, the talks resulted in this totally unpredictable, yet very favorable turn of events. Through their many conversations and visits, the two competitors grew closer and closer, and finally, National Paintball Supply and Procaps’ Distributor, Diablo Direct, decided to become one. 

During the evolution of this new union, the debate over the rights to the Diablo name continued to be a question that eventually resolved itself. Since National still held strong feelings for the name, it was agreed that the edgy “Diablo” brand name would return to it’s original user, and Procaps Canada began crafting a new identity for their famous line of Midnight, Blaze, Inferno, and HellFire paintballs. Today, Procaps, Inc., makers of the world’s leading Diablo paintballs, officially announce the change to a new name: 

What does the word “DRAXXUS” mean? It means the same thing as famous brand names like Nike, Reebok, Corvette, Pepsi, Xerox, and Verizon. They all achieve instant recognition. The name DRAXXUS has already become synonymous with the most respected paintball brands in the world. DRAXXUS jerseys, stickers, hats, and Semi-Trucks are already common sights at Paintball events across the globe. DRAXXUS is here to stay. 

What the future holds: 
The union of Procaps, National, and Diablo Direct is already proving to be very positive for Dealers, Fields, and Players across the World. This evolution unites the down to earth Partners, Staff, and Policies of Diablo Direct, together with National’s 10+ years of experience, their deep product lines, and loyal staff. This autumn, Procaps will unveil their serious new DRAXXUS ICE BALLS, the best winter paintball ever made. These will come from Canada, where hostile winters are a way of life. Watch closely as VForce Vision Systems continues to dominate the trends in Paintball Safety Eyewear. 
Procaps subsidiary, Airtech Industries, will continue their super-high efficiency mods for the new Matrix LCD. The future of Paintball will be very exciting indeed.

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