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Arenaball to Make Debut
March 25, 2003

“Arenaball” to make its debut, some of the best female paintball teams will be competing for bragging rights, custom arenaball cages, PLUS more at the 2003 Draxxus Ultimate Madness!

In less then two weeks, the world’s largest 3-man paintball event - the Draxxus Ultimate Madness - will be in full effect! Those 3-man teams have until March 30th to get your team registered (and if you are sending checks, please have them in by March 28th)! The divisions in the Ultimate Madness include the Rookie, Novice, Amateur and a TOP GUN division, the one-on-one battle at the Madness! And we can’t forget the FEMALE category; Ladies, if you are interested in competing, there’s still time to sign. Contact Paul Bollenbach at!

There will be six 3-man Ultimate Airball fields set up within this 80,000 sq ft arena in custom arenaball cages, which is unlike any other setup in the history of indoor paintball tournaments! For the 3rd year, the entertainment will be provided by fellow paintball player/spokesperson, Bea Youngs and she will also be hosting the Player’s Party on Saturday night right after the Exhibition Game debuting the upcoming paintball series called “Arenaball” which will be executed on an astroturf surface, with closed circuit tv, a light show, and accompanied with blood-pumpin’ music!
Already, a total of 143 teams have enlisted and more prizes are being added to the prize list, with over $85,000 worth including 5-man Ultimate Airball Fields to the 1st place winner of each division!

The event will take place from Friday, April 4th until the 6th in Huntington, West Virginia at the Hungtington Civic Arena (which was ranked No. 20 in the top 25 venues with capacities of 5,001 - 10,000, according to Billbouard Magazine) where Kid Rock, Bruce Springsteen, Ashanti, and Kenny Chesney have had soldout concerts at this very same venue! The Holiday Inn Suite Hotel is located right across the street and other entertainment amenities within walking distance to the arena, as well.

Event: The Ultimate Madness 
Location: Huntington Civic Arena- Huntington, West Virginia
Dates: April 4-6, 2003
Format: 3-Player Center Flag and Ultimate Top Gun Competition
Classifications: Rookie, Novice, Amateur & Female 
Cost: $350 per 3-Player team 
Top Gun Individual Entry: April 4th 
$100 including Air Fills, for members of 3-Player Team entries 
$125 including Air Fills, for individuals not registered on 3-Man Teams 
AIRFILL: $50 AirFills per team (by EZ Paintball high-tech AirFill systems) 
For a total of 400.00 per team (which includes AirFills)
Paint: Event Paintball Only- Draxxus Inferno ($80), Blaze ($75) (CASH ONLY WILL BE ACCEPTED AS FORM OF PAYMENT)
Rules: Modified NPPL Rules

MORE Major Sponsors join the “DraXxus Ultimate Madness” 3-Player Tournament: 
In a generous move to support 3-Player Tournament Teams, National Paintball Supply, Worr Game Products, M.I. Paintball, Evil Paintball, Shooters and Worr Paint have joined the “DraXxus Ultimate Madness” as MAJOR FIELD SPONSORS. 

These other great Sponsors have committed their support to the 3-Player Madness Teams: 
Airgun Designs, AirTech Matrix, Akalmp, Bonebrake Customs, Benchmark, Brass Eagle, Brimstone Enterprises, CenterFlag Products, Crossfire, Cousins Paintball, Custom Products, Diablo Paintball, Extreme Rage, Jacko Gear, National Paintball Supply, Pan-Am Tournament Series, P&P Products, Pro-Team Products, Raven, REDZ Gear, Tippmann, and VForce Vision Systems 
Thanks also to the Magazine & Media sponsors: Action Pursuit Games, Crossfire Paintball Digest, Paintball 2Xtremes, Paintball News, Paintball Sports Magazine, and LIVE coverage from and… 
The growing GUN Prize list now includes: 6 Matrixes, 6 LCD Matrixes, 12 E-Mags & RT Pros, 12 guns from WGP, 3 P&P Cold Fusion Cockers, 3 Pro Team MicroMags, 12 Tippman Model 98s, 12 Electronic Markers from National Paintball, 12 Electronic Markers from Evil Paintball. That’s 78 guns so far! 

Other prizes include 5 Ultimate Airball Fields, 6 Centerflag Hyper Frames, 6 Centerflag AirSystems, 15 Crossfire 4500 psi air systems, a dozen 12 Evolutions With Timers, 12 CP Barrels, 12 CP Cradles, 24 Extreme Rage Paqs & Accessories, 12 Planet Packs, 12 Raven, 12 Redz Outfits, 36 V-Force Vision systems, Packs from Warrior Sports Gear 24 Cases of DraXxus, 24 cases of Severe Paint, 48 cases of Worr Paint and much more, still being added by new sponsors. 

These fine companies will also be vending at the Madness Trade Show: AKA, CenterFlag Products, Crossfire, Custom Products, Extreme Rage, Raven, Redz, ShockTech, Smart Parts, with more vendors are coming on board every day. 

HOW TO ENTER - Contact Info: 
Call: Paul Bollenbach of Atlantic Paintball, 386-274-2282 
Or: Milt Call of Brimstone Enterprises, 740-682-6232 
Or visit: s 

The Ultimate Madness SCHEDULE:
Top Gun Meeting Friday Morning - Shortly after 9 AM 
Top Gun Will Begin Shortly After the Meeting as noted above 
Captains Meeting For the 3-Man Friday Evening  - ~ 6 PM
Field Will be open for Walking Before and After the Top Gun Till About 9 P.M. Friday Night
3-Man Will Begin 8 AM Sat Morning 

1 Soggie Bottom Swamp Rats Black 
2 Zone 55 **Call** 
3 Hailstorm 
4 Wicked Way Silver 
5 Wicked Way Black 
6 Doc's Raiders Grey 
7 Doc's Raiders Black 
8 Soggie Bottom Boys 
9 Shin Dig 
10 Misfit Toys Red 
11 Misfit Toys Black 
12 Misfit Toys Alva 
13 Ambush CP One 
14 Ambush CP Two 
15 Cincinnati Allstars Red 
16 Blackout 3 
17 Squirrel & the Nuts (STATIS Check) 
18 VAG 
19 End Game 1 
20 End Game 2 
21 Amish Craftsmen 
22 Obscene 
23 One Shoot 
24 Hazmat Extreme 
25 Pandemonium 1 
26 Pandemonium 2 
28 KC Wrecking Crew Too 
29 Lame **Call*** 
30 AFW 1 
31 Same Team 
32 Jackel Black 
33 No Show 
34 Ginxd 
35 Pneumatic Plague 
36 Erie Rage 1 
37 Erie Rage 2 
38 Organized Confusion 
39 Smurfs 
40 Fatal Impact 
41 Hurricanes Rookie 
42 Nemisis 4 
43 Ky Impact (Statis Check) 
44 Doom Troopers 
45 House of Pain (Statis Check) 
46 Parental advisory (Statis Check) 
47 Phat Phactory 
48 Black-out OH 
49 Spray N Pray 
50 X-Raided 
51 New Shadow 
52 Rough N Ready D 
53 Uprising R 
54 Attitude Check Green 
55 Attitude Check Black 
56 Compete 
57 Lost Boys Terror 
58 Xtreme Tactics 
59 Anti Virus 
60 Parodax 
61 True Color Red 
62 Disturbance 
1 Soggie Bottom Swamp Rats Red 
2 No Limitz 
3 Kentucky Magic Blue **Call** 
4 Team Blackout 1 
5 Blackout B 
6 Doc's Raiders Red 
7 Relentless Attack 
8 Misfit Toys 187 
9 Misfit Toys North 
10 Lethal 
11 Venom 
12 Lethal Injection 
13 Precision 
14 Strych-9 Black 
15 Strych-9 Blue 
16 The Union 
17 Hazmat 
18 Outer Limit Jesters 
19 Twizted 
20 Hyperactive 
21 Stormfront Milwaukee 
22 Parental Advisory Red 
23 Back Woods 
24 Creek Boys 
25 Ground Countrol 
26 ground Countrol Blue 
27 AFW Blue 
28 SG's 
29 LOF 
30 Asylum Cash 
31 Asylum Bash 
32 Asylum Mags 
33 Asylum Factory 
34 Super Natural 
35 Nemisis 3 
36 Submission Paintball 
37 OP-FOR 
38 Nasty Trix 
39 Rough N Ready A 
40 Rough N Ready B 
41 Rough N Ready C 
42 STS 
43 Fraction 
44 Uprising N 
45 Purdue Gold 
46 Purdue Black 
47 Attitude 
48 Compete Paintball 
49 Shadow 
50 Zig Zag 
51 True Color Blue 
52 Close Call 
1 AGD Pride 
2 Team Sub Zero Blue 
3 Doc's Raiders Silver 
4 Doc's Raiders Gold 
5 Evil Factory 
6 Nasty 
7 Coastal Breakers **Call** 
8 Jackal 
9 Nemisis 
10 Nemisis 2 
11 Wrecking Crew 
12 Jackal Gold 
13 Shocktech 
14 Farside 
15 All Americans 1 
16 All Americans 2 
17 Ref Corps 
18 Primal Attitude 
19 Lost Boys Distruction 

1 Lady T & A 
2 Lady Firestorm 
3 Femmes Fatale 
4 Wicked Sistas 
5 American Storm 
6 Fallen Angels 
7 Paint Girls 
8 Superficial 
9 Valkyreis 
10 Synchronicity 
Top of Form


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