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Bonebrake Angel Mods 
Give Your LED, LCD or IR3 New Life!
January 30, 2003

SALEM, ORE.—Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing offers custom modifications for Angel LEDs, LCDs and IR3s of any age or condition.  Whether it’s done on a brand new Angel or one that’s seen a lot of competition, the Bonebrake modification will give the marker a whole new life.  The mod includes fine-tuning and replacement of key parts, which will solve most issues related to a gun’s wear and will make it function more efficiently and consistently.  Most importantly, a Bonebrake mod will elongate the life of a marker. 
Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing has been modifying Angels since the very beginning; in fact, the first Angel they modified was WDP LED Angel Number Nine.  Bonebrake techs modified that marker with the same care and precision they use today, though the procedure has evolved over the years.  An LED mod begins with Bonebrake techs doing some high-flow porting, enlarging the air passages through the grip frame and main body.  This opens up the bottlenecks in the LED Angel and improves the recharge from the regulator to the primary air chamber.  They then replace the LPR with a new, onebrake-modified modern LPR assembly.  Before installation, the LPR piston is re-polished for a more accurate seal, the housing is machined in three places to enlarge the air chamber and an LPR conversion spring is inserted to span the new distance between the LPR and the exhaust valve. 
Next the valve gets some individual attention.  Bonebrake Airsmithing will resurface the valve guide sealing surface to promote a more accurate seal, and, when necessary, will replace the exhaust valve or guide completely. 
The nitronic-60 (or N-60) hammer is the next addition to a Bonebrake LED Angel.  Nitronic-60 is a nitrogen-strengthened stainless steel.  Replacing the standard brass hammer with a material of this strength not only eliminates brass shavings inside the gun, but also ensures that the bolt pin will not dent the hammer because of its front end. This strong hammer, at full stroke, will dead-end into the valve guide—not the gun.  These hammers are produced in limited quantities to ensure quality and precision.
The key to the Bonebrake Angel mod is the Bonebrake bolt.  The bolt has been especially designed to give a player a noticeable feet-per-second gain and to improve gas efficiency.  Bonebrake Angel bolts are made out of a material called PET, which is a much harder material than common delrin bolt material.  PET will NOT absorb oil or water and will not expand in heat (“swell inside your breech”).  Also, because of its hardness, PET is less likely to bond with dirt particles, which means less breech wear.
As WDP developed new products, Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing developed new modifications.  When the LCD and IR3 Angels were introduced, Bonebrake designed modifications especially for those markers.  Those modifications include the LPR mod, the valve mod, the N-60 hammer and, of course, their own specially-designed bolt. 
As part of all Angel modifications, Bonebrake Airsmithing replaces all fasteners and o-rings, meticulously cleans every part of the marker and tunes the entire marker.  In tuning, Bonebrake Airsmithing covers all the bases by checking the electronics, the LPR pressure, the snap ring, the ram stroke, the chronograph consistency and the operating pressure.  If necessary, Bonebrake will replace any WDP electronics that are under WDP warranty.  Each and every Bonebrake marker is covered under the Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing Limited Warranty.  Bonebrake Airsmithing stocks one of the largest selections of WDP repair parts in the United States and offers WDP warranty services.
Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing will modify a player’s marker if he/she simply sends the marker to Planet Paintball at 2688 Cherry Ave. NE, Salem, OR, 97303 along with a written request for the work.  Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing also modifies markers that they receive straight from the factory.  Players can purchase, or receive more information about, these markers simply by calling (888) 370-8749.  Additional information about Dan Bonebrake Airsmithing is available at 

What Makes an Angel a Bonebrake Angel?
Features of the Bonebrake Angel Modification

LED Angel Modifications Include:
Enlarging of air passages 
New Bonebrake LED bolt 
New Bonebrake N-60 hammer 
New Bonebrake-modified WDP LPR 
New, updated WDP valve 
New fasteners and o-rings 
Specialized cleaning and tuning 
Bonebrake stickers 
Limited lifetime warranty to the original registered owner of the marker

LCD/IR3 Angel Modifications Include:
Bonebrake-modified WDP LPR 
New Bonebrake LED bolt 
New Bonebrake N-60 hammer 
New valve guide for better seal 
New fasteners and o-rings 
Specialized cleaning and tuning 
Bonebrake stickers 
Limited lifetime warranty to the original registered owner of the marker

Performance—What the Mod Will do for You
Increase gas efficiency 
Run at optimal pressure 
Highest possible rate of fire 
Everything will run at its best 
Increased durability 
More consistent velocity


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