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Super 7 on Fox
By Bill Mills - January 2004

For the first time since the ESPN World Championships of Paintball in the mid 1990s, a paintball tournament run with a goal of being televised, is the center of attention in a series of nationally broadcast television shows.

The 2003 NPPL Super 7 Series will make its broadcast debut on the Fox Sports Net cable TV channel Wednesday January 28th, 2004 at 3:30pm.  

Additional airings of the first episode have been scheduled at the following times:

Thursday Jan 29 - Comcast Sports Net @ 2.00pm eastern 
Thursday Jan 29 - Fox Sports - Midwest @ 1.30pm central 
Thursday Jan 29 - Fox Sports - Ohio @ 2.30pm eastern 
Thursday Jan 29 - Fox Sports  Rocky Mountains @ 12.30pm mountain 
Friday Jan 30 - Fox Sports - West @ 4.30pm pacific 
Saturday Jan 31 - Fox Sports - West @ 11.30am pacific 
Saturday Jan 31 - Fox Sports - West @ 3.30am pacific 
Saturday Jan 31 - Comcast Sports Net - Philly @ 8.30pm eastern During SportsRise

When Pure Promotions made a big splash in the Pacific Ocean by launching the Super 7 series at Huntington Beach, they did more than just put on a tournament.  They set up one of the tournamentís fields with a full video production crew in multiple towers, platforms, and with a flying camera on a jib.  

Restructuring of the NPPL finals format meant that the television field would have a mixture of games during the preliminary rounds, and the best teams at the tournament would be videotaped during the finals games held all on the showcase field.  

The raw footage provided source material for the Super 7 DVDs, as well as event highlights that appeared in extreme sports programming on Fox Sports Net during the 2003 fall television season.  It was then reassembled into the Super 7 TV series.

Host Artie Edmonds introduces the show, which is hosted from the Miami Commanderís Cup Event.  Co-Host Rocky Cagnoni joins Edmonds to explain how Super 7 format paintball is played from scoring to the backgrounds of the teams.  

The show is not limited to just tournament games.  The first episode also includes a profile on Team Dynasty, as well as product highlights of some of JTís recent offerings.  The on-screen scoreboard picks up at the end of the quarterfinals, punching straight to the action of the finals round.

Six more episodes will complete the 2004 program series, covering the 2003 Super 7 tournament series.  The showís air times are as follows:

Fox Sports Net
Episode #2 - Wednesday Feb 4, 2004 3.30pm local time
Episode #3 - Wednesday Feb 11, 2004 - 3.30pm local time
Episode #4 - Wednesday Feb 18, 2004 - 3.30pm local time
Episode #5 - Wendesday Frb 25th, 2004 - 3.30pm local time
Episode #6 - Wednesday Mar 3, 2004 - 3.30pm local time


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