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Pig Roast Photo Gallery

Bad Boyz Toyz

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BBT Pig Roast
By Bill Mills

The Bad Boyz Toyz pig roast has become more than a weekend sale, it is an annual event.  This year, the pig roast was held the weekend of September 6th, 7th, and 8th at the Bad Boyz Toyz store in Lansing, Illinois.  The sale is as much a party in the store, as it is a business venture for Renick Miller, owner of the Bad Boyz Toyz chain of stores, professional paintball team Aftershock, and Shocktech product line.

Over the weekend, a number of well known paintball names dropped by for the festivities.  Renick Miller was of course on hand, but so were several other members of Aftershock.  They included Billy Ceranski, Todd Adamson who brought products from his Extreme Rage line (Tucker Adamson unfortunately had to stay home to take care of his mother while she recovered from illness), Ryan Williams, Greg Pozzi, Manny Francia, Todd Martinez, and Danny Love.  

Kevin Mahoney, Wonder and Sweet Pea who play for Shocktech were also there.  The BBT and Shocktech staff who travel to events were of course on hand, including Robin, Liz and Nicole.  Devon McKeown, the Shocktech webmaster who is normally chained to a desk in the back of the store next to the refrigerator was even let out into the sunlight to get behind the counter and talk about paintball gear with customers.  Flying in from the West Coast Keely Watson of The Family and Femmes Fatale signed DYE posters until the supply ran out.  Reanna Dobbins came to the sale to represent Indian Creek Designs.  Tom Kaye and JJ Ontiveros from Airgun Designs came, and hosted an discussion meeting and donut orgy.  Bill and Dawn Mills of were also in attendance as was David Freeman, co-owner of PMI

During the day on Saturday, Renick Miller and Dawn Mills tended to pigs that were slow roasted and wine basted over open flames while a few turkeys were deep fried with a variety of seasonings.  In the afternoon the pigs came off the spit and were cut up for serving by Dawn and Dave Freeman for the free BBQ dinner.  Just about that time Avery Amaya, captain of Texas Storm and sales rep for National Paintball Supply stopped in with some of the staff from National’s Chicago distribution center. 

The week before the sale, Mark Davis and some of the other Shocktech staff had been at ICD’s headquarters in Idaho getting factory tech training.  In the Shocktech machine shob next door to the store, Danny Love demonstrated to many the rate of fire he was able to attain out of the Shocktech Bushmaster.  The next generation Bushmaster is planned to not have the LCD display found on present models, but it will likely be retained in the Shocktech version, along with Shocktech valving.  Reanna Dobbins also brought along a number of new BKO paintguns to the sale.  The BKO was retailing at well below $400, and packed a lot of paintgun with a rate of fire up to 14 balls per second into that price tag.  Dobbins provided tech support tips to customers through out the weekend.

During dinner, a circle of chairs gathered around Tom Kaye who talked about new product development at Airgun Designs, and the SPPLAT big game with William Shatner the weekend before.  Kaye had with him the E-Mag Extreme used by Shatner at the game.  It was laser engraved with Shatner’s signature, the mode selector switch was labled “stun” and “kill” and it bore the serial number NCC-1701-C, matching the serial number of the USS Enterprise starship captained by Shatner in the Star Trek films.  The gun was purchased at auction by paintball player Kendrick See, the money raised going to the Ahead with Horses foundation.  Also attending the meeting was Simon “Manike” Stevens.  Stevens lives in England and reports on many of the Millennium Series tournaments for  He happened to be in the Chicago area for a CAD/CAM trade show, and was able to show one of the latest custom milled E-Mag bodies produced by AGD Europe.

Inside the store, Billy Ceranski had brought some of the latest models of the Piranha paintgun.  Two new models featured electronic semi-auto grip frames with a nicely milled, thick two finger trigger and a surprising price tag under two hundred dollars.  According to Ceranski the grip should be available separately soon as an upgrade for Piranha owners at a price of only around $60.

Additional evening entertainment included a footrace between Manny Francia and Todd Martinez to determine just who the fastest player on Aftershock is.  Martinez, who switched teams from Avalanche to Aftershock mid season, beat Francia by half a pace at the finish line.

The sale continued on through Sunday with the same laid back atmosphere of the whole weekend.  

Dawn and I would like to thank Renick and the BBT staff for having us as guests at the sale, it has become an event we look forward to each year, a chance to relax with friends and meet new people.

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