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PB Ban Planned for Baltimore


Plans are brewing in the city of Baltimore, MD for a ban not only on shooting a paintgun, but also of ownership or possession of a paintgun.

The proposed amendment to Article 19 of the city Police Ordinances deals with changes to Subtitle 59 – Weapons.  The edisting ordinances deal with airguns, and while its prohibition on firing paintguns within the city, or of selling them to persons under 21 years of age applies to paintguns,  the major concern to paintballers in the area is the specific addition of Paintguns to the ordinance.  

The proposed changes include the following new restriction - “No person may discharge, possess, sell, buy, give away, or otherwise transfer any paintball gun in Baltimore City.”

The proposed ordinance also includes the following punishment.  “Any person who violates any provision of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and, on conviction, is subject to a fine or not more than $500 or to imprisonment for not more than 60 days or to both fine and imprisonment for each offense.”

The proposed ordinance would not only affect paintball playing residents of Baltimore who would no longer be able to keep their paintguns in their own home, but it would also impact regional paintball businesses (one store owner located outside of the city confided in that he regularly transports rental paintguns through the city to his field on the other side).  The proposed ordinance also lacks an exclusion for freight and courier services, passing through the city.

The proposed changes are scheduled to be reviewed in a hearing at 1pm on Thursday, September 12th.

Paintball players directly affected by the proposed ordinance, as well as those concerned with it becoming a “model” of legislation to be followed by other communities are encouraged to politely contact the members of the Baltimore City Council and express their concern.  Additionall the American Paintball Player’s Association ( is gathering names in a petition to the Baltimore City Council against the changes.

Baltimore City Council web site:

A copy of the proposed changes my be obtained through Executive Secretary to the Baltimore City Council, Karen Randle.  Ms. Randle may be reached by telephone at 410-396-4804.

City Offices  410-396-3100

City Council Members:
President of the Council
Sheila Dixon 
Vice President:
Stephanie Rawlings Blake
District One: 
Nicholas C. D'Adamo, Jr., John L. Cain, Lois A. Garey
District Two: 
Paula Johnson Branch, Bernard C. "Jack" Young, Pamela V. Carter
District Three: 
Robert W. Curran, Kenneth N. Harris, Sr., Lisa Joi Stancil
District Four: 
Agnes Welch, Keiffer J. Mitchell, Jr., Catherine E. Pugh
District Five: 
Rochelle "Rikki" Spector, Helen L. Holton, Stephanie Rawlings Blake
District Six: 
Melvin L. Stukes, Kwame Abayomi, Edward L. Reisinger

Note, please consider the tone of any e-mails you send.  Insulting or harassing e-mails will not help with this issue.
Baltimore City Council e-mail addresses:

President of City Council  410-396-4804
1st District  410-396-4806
2nd District  410-396-4809
3rd District  410-396-4814
4th District  410-396-4817
5th District  410-396-4820
6th District  410-396-4823
Mayor's Office  410-396-4892

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