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Punk Music at IAO
By Bill Mills
July 2002

UPDATE:  The concert has been expanded with the addition of local Butler area band Jump Start, and sponsorship from Warped Sportz, Jawbreaker Videos, P8NT magazine, and Amp Energy Drink from Mountain Dew.  The new sponsors are a natural connection - JawBreaker Videos are produced by Warped Sportz, and have been focusing on combining music and paintball, and P8NT has been covering not only paintball events, but the paintball tournament lifestyle, including band interviews and bands touring with paintballers on the Vans Warped Tour.

Wretched 7 paintball is adding to the variety of events at the 2002 International Amateur Open by producing a punk music concert. 

“Establishing the connection between paintball and music is crucial, I feel, toward the development of paintball as a core extreme sport.  That said, this concert just makes sense.  Why not bring in some of the hottest pop punk bands to support an event like the IAO?”  Ciesiun told

Wretched 7 will be bringing Mest, Midtown and The Reunion Show to play in conjunction with the IAO’s 7 man open class and 5 man amateur tournaments, Nations Cup X-Ball tournament, and BMX and Supercross exhibitions.  The nearly week long extreme sports festival will feature the concert on Saturday August 10th, with the gates opening at 6:30 pm.

Mest released their most recent album, “Destination Unknown” last fall on the Maverick Records label.  They will be finishing their tour with Unwritten Law on the 9th, canceling their planned appearance with them in Columbia, MO in order to appear at the IAO.  The Chicago based band is 6 years old, which shows they have staying power in a genre where bands come and go. 

Appearing with Mest will be Midtown.  Their “Living Well Is The Best Revenge” album was released this year, and they have toured with Blink 182, and been scheduled in to this year’s Van’s Warped Tour.  The Midtown song “Direction” was featured in the 2001 Mardi Gras Open episode of PigTV Paintball Television.

Also appearing will be The Reunion Show has been touring with bands including Sugarcult and Reel Big Fish.  Their album “The Motion” was recently picked up for distribution by Law of Inertia records.

According to Wretched 7’s Ciesiun, music is a driving force to bring extreme sports in front of mainstream audiences.  “Establishing the connection between paintball and music is crucial, I feel, toward the development of paintball as a core extreme sport.  That said, this concert just makes sense.  Why not bring in some of the hottest pop punk bands to support an event like the IAO?  We need to establish to the general public an image that paintball is an extreme sport, making this connection is simplified through music.”

Punk music is no longer what it was in its early years in the 1980s.  It has become a refined and respected music genre with many bands crossing over from their niche into mainstream acceptance.  Ciesiun sees today’s punk music as a great fit with paintball.  “You also have to note that you can't use just any type of music, the music should truly reflect the attitude and emotions of the sport.  Punk is all about attitude, and emotions, the same can be said about paintball.  Mest has the attitude and the image that makes sense for this type of concert.  They're full of energy and are a great live band to watch.  Midtown is one of the hottest upcoming pop-punk bands in the country and will also help to project paintball to this growing fan base.  That helps the industry grow and that's what we're trying to do with this concert.”

For more information about the International Amateur Open, see  Concert tickets are available online through Ticket Web.


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