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Hot Seat Live - Interview with Glenn Palmer

In an industry where large companies crank out paintguns on assembly lines, airsmith Glenn Palmer produces highly sought after custom built markers. Palmer began manufacturing the first practical semi-auto paintgun back in 1988. A number of his creations can be found in the WARPIG pictures section. In addition to Palmer's Pursuit's line of built-to-order markers, the Blazer semi-automatic is ready to emerge on the market soon.

Palmer's get to the point, "no gadgetude" attitude really comes across when speaking to him in person, and in his messages in the newsgroup. He kindly agreed to sit in on a question and answer session in the Hot Seat - Live via IRC. SierraSun (Dawn Mills) moderated the discussion, allowing one question at a time. Palmer used the nickname Typhoon, and Brentley "RamboPrea" Hoefling recorded this log. This log of the discussion has been edited by Bill "BizBoy" Mills, removing extraneous lines caused by net-splits, and re-sequencing some questions to increase readability

 To learn more about Glenn Palmer and the custom markers he produces, take a look at Steve Mitchell's e-mail interview with him, or see Joel Cahn's article in the December 1995 Action Pursuit Games magazine.

 This is not the only time Palmer has appeared on IRC. Keep your eyes peeled, he visits the #paintball channel on occasion. For more information on Internet Relay Chat, check out the #paintball channel homepage in the Internet Resources section.

 We'd like to thank Glenn for taking the time out of his schedule to participate in the Hot Seat - Live. To contact him regarding products and custom airsmithing from Palmer's Pursuit Shop, send e-mail to, or call (916) 923-9676

[20:07] *SierraSun* Glenn the way we're gonna try this, is we'll give 
folks the ability to talk when they have a question 
[20:07] *SierraSun* you guys, don't /msg Glenn with questions, 
that way he'll be able to concentrate, kay? :)
[20:07] *SierraSun* everyone gets a chance
[20:09] *SierraSun* When you have a question, /msg me and I'll 
give you voice when the previous question is finished
[20:12] *SierraSun* Guys, don't feel like you have to tell me the 
question, just ask to be next.  I'm keeping a list, we'll do it one at a 

[20:08] *Typhoon* Take it easy on me folks... I type slow

[20:08] *tavo* glen: so when is the new blazer coming out?

[20:09] *Typhoon* Tavo.. blazer be out this year.. No date set yet
[20:10] *Typhoon* keep fingers crossed nothing else goes awry

[20:10] *Sigua* Typhoon: Is there any chance you will be coming 
out with a Stabilizer where the air flow is the other way so I can use 
it vertical on my cocker?

[20:12] *Typhoon* Sigue   Am working on it... Hopefull it be out b4 
end of year too

[20:13] *Moogy* Glenn: what are the features of the Blazer, and 
what is the estimated cost?

[20:14] *Typhoon* Cost will be under $400 and has everything 
youy could need in a Paintgun

[20:15] *SplatCatt* Is there any way to make a tourney cap for the 
Typhoon / Stroker / Hurricane line to lock the velocity in?

[20:16] *Typhoon* No tourney cap needed, it cano0t be adjusted 
without tools

[20:16] *SplatCatt* Hmm...  Mine slips out occasionally, hense the 

[20:16] *Typhoon* could always double up on the 3/8" - 24  set 
scew if u want
[20:17] *Typhoon* Get some Permatex  Type II non hardening from 
auto parts store
[20:18] *Typhoon* Permatex  Formagasket
[20:19] *Typhoon* a little on the screw a little in the threads.. let dry 
for 10 min before putting screw back in  then let set an hour or so... 
works great on cockers too

[20:17] *SplatCatt* Gotcha.  Will try  :)

[20:19] *BizBoy* Glenn, I've read your statement that "camille" was 
the first gravity fed semi.  How did the timeframe compare to the 
"Eagle" from Brass Eagle that was produced in 1988 or so?

[20:20] *Typhoon* They erwe built about the same tim   but mine 
worker... my statement include the word  Functional  and State of 
the art

[20:22] *BizBoy* That makes a lot of sense.  I tried one, (an Eagle)
 and it was great, but I remember they were recalled because they 
were very picky about operating temperature.

[20:22] *Typhoon* Er  mine worked and still does.. still my favorite 

[20:23] *Typhoon* The eagle was introduced as proto type in June 
**  in NY but did not do well   none were able to stay on the field
[20:24] *Typhoon* That june 88

[20:24] *Moogy* Glenn: I know this is straying away from your 
specialty, but do JT-X fans fit onto Scott gogles?? I have the scott 
vision airs, and I bought a JT-X, and found that it doesnt there 
some way to mount it w/o damaging the upper vents?

[20:27] *Typhoon* Not sur Moogy... will have to look into it  I have 
JT fan on my Scotts but took a little playing.  

[20:27] *Sigua* Typhoon: Whats your opinion on running 
chamber/AIR reg on a Mag?

[20:30] *Typhoon* Sigue... it really doesn't matter what order they 
in... Personally I would do without the exp chamber... Waste

[20:34] *VTS-LCP* I have heard that you are a magician with the 
[20:35] *VTS-LCP* What is your usual path for mod and Avg. cost 
[20:36] *VTS-LCP* Sorry I own a VM-68 and have heard nothing 
but good things  about what you do.

[20:37] *Typhoon* There is alot we cn do with just about any gun..

[20:37] *VTS-LCP* I've already chopped the rear upper 3 3/8" off to 
eliminate wasted space now that I have a pro-shot. 

[20:37] *Typhoon* No usuall path... we build to suit... depends on 
costomer needs

[20:38] *VTS-LCP* recommendations? thanks

[20:39] *Typhoon* we specialize in getting max performance from 
the valve... Not much into gadgetude

[20:39] *Typhoon* Prolly performasnce tune the valve system and 
go from there

[20:49] *Typhoon* fire away :)

[20:52] *DocSci* Where do you think the future of paintball lies? 
[20:54] *DocSci* With the current spit between Pump/Stock and 
semi's what do you think the fute of is?

[20:56] *Typhoon* Paintball is here to stay... it still has growing 
pains tho... we are seeing about the way it going to be...Unless I 
have something to say about it wit some of the ideas I have for 
future equip

[20:56] *robowing* Glenn: I am trying to decide whether or not to 
get a phoon or cocker, it is between the two.  I am wondering what 
happens when my typhoon would go out of time, what do i do?  And 
how do you think the cocker stacks up against the phoon in terms of 
performance?  I can't decide between these two guns...will you help 
me out?  :)
[20:57] *robowing* you personal opinions please.. :)

[20:59] *Typhoon* Typhoon doesn't have timeing loss problems of 
Cocker... U leave it alon and it will just keep on working... would 
suggest tyring both out at length... Only U can deside what best for 
U.  If I thought Cocker was better  I'd use it. :)

[20:59] *robowing* Thank you very much!  
[21:00] *robowing* bye all

[21:01] *Preacher-* Typhoon: between the stroker, the Typhoon, 
Nasty 'phoon, Houndstooth and the Hurricane wich is your best 
seller and why do you think it's your best seller + wich is your 

[21:02] *Typhoon* I have been shootin the same guns for many 
years and haven't had a failure yet. But then again I haven't taken 
either apart at all. :)
[21:06] *Typhoon* Fact... the more U mess with things.. the more U 
will have to mess with it.

[21:06] *Typhoon* BCNU
[21:07] *Typhoon* time out... 1 min.   potty break  :)
[21:07] *Typhoon* ahhhhhhhhhh   liquid content signicantly 
reduced. :)

[21:07] *Typhoon* significantly

[21:10] *Typhoon* I partial to the Hurricane Rifle.  Stroker 
conversion are only a little behind the Typhoon in # of guns out 
[21:11] *Typhoon* I just like shootin a rifle... To me it more natural 
cause I grew up with a rifle in hands

[21:12] *Typhoon* Typhoon we make from scratch and Strokers 
are conversions of customers guns.. We don't sell Strokers outright

[21:14] *Typhoon* btw  there is only about 42 of the Doubles out 
ther.. (Nasty Typhoon)

[21:21] *Preacher-* Glenn: thanks for the info...look forward to 
seeing ya in Pitts

[21:22] *DedHed* I have a mag with all of the aftermarket 
accesories eg.smt pts barrels,remote,regulator,vl2000 etc. but am 
ready to do internal mod's.any sugg.'s?

[21:22] *SierraSun* Glenn here is a question that a fellow asked, 
but had to leave

[21:23] *SierraSun* I've heard stories about you and Camile way 
back when.  considering this was the same time period of the 
SMG-68 (and full auto being 'hi tech'), did anybody apply any 
special interest in a gravity fed semi, or was it just another neat 
gadget (as opposed to a strong force in future pa
[21:23] *SierraSun* paintball hardware)?

[21:23] *Typhoon* Ded head,,, Why?  isn't it working right ??

[21:25] *Typhoon* U bet they paid attention... what do U think got 
the rest hammering away to get Sem'is on the market...

[21:26] *Typhoon* Bud paid real close attention applied my 
technology to the Sniper... viola... autococker

[21:27] *Typhoon* Something many aren't aware of... Ironmen 
Started their winning ways with Hurricanes,, won "90 Masters % 
man with Hurricanes

[21:28] *Typhoon* I wasn't into sponsoring teams so Bud picked 
them up because they wer ofcourse already familiar with the system

[21:29] *Typhoon* then they brought them to me to get workin and 
that is why we have the RICK

[21:29] *Typhoon* er ROCK

[21:31] *Sanguine* My turn?  Cool.
[21:31] *Sanguine* Have you had the time to look over the Spyders 
to see what you can do with them? Since they are increasing in 
popularity quite rapidly due to their low price, I was wondering if you 
had something in the works for it, or even a glimmer of
[21:32] *Sanguine* hope for Spyder owners for the future (eg: 
improved striker/bolt assembly, trigger jobs, receiver tune-ups).

[21:33] *Typhoon* We don't do Gadgetude... We do alot of tuneup 
work on them  and we make them work well

[21:34] *Sanguine* As a corollary to that, what qualifies as "tuneup" 
work?  I'm curious...

[21:35] *Typhoon* The Stock Spyder is actually pretty well built for 
a blowback type gun... They were smart enough to copy the best 
features from many guns...  Take the screw out of the center of the 
bolt.. Gets in the way of gas flow and is only there because folks 
wanted a "venturi" bolt...  gadgets,,, Bahhhhhh

[21:36] *Typhoon* Mostly a matter of detailing and a little port and 
polish work to optimize the effectiveness of the valve

[21:37] *Sanguine* Thanks a lot for your insight.  Sorry I can't stay 
to catch the rest of the conversation, but there's that silly thing 
called final exams that beckon.

[21:37] *Typhoon* BCNU Sang

[21:39] *BizBoy-* Glenn, in you have said 
something to the effect that ultimate stability comes from two 
regulators in a series.

[21:40] *BizBoy-* Have you considered or experimented with a two 
stage regulator in one unit?

[21:40] *Typhoon* 2 Stage regulation is required for needed 
consistancy when the supply pressure is variable

[21:40] *Typhoon* Yes but it tends to get a bit large and awkward 
for our Use.. Can make it smaller but sacrfice consistency I I do

[21:41] *Typhoon* I I do + if I do

[21:42] *Typhoon* Am trying to get a 1-piece/2stage reg together 
for the cocker.

[21:45] *SierraSun* ready for next? :)
[21:45] *Typhoon* next  ... Sorry  :)

[21:45] *JupiterCh* I have 3 questions about custom shoulder 
[21:45] *JupiterCh* 1) What material do you usually use?

[21:45] *JupiterCh* 2) How much do they usually cost?  And if the 
cost is case-specific, what are the determining cost factors (such as 
complexity, bends, welds)?
[21:45] *Typhoon* shoot   1 at a time
[21:46] *Typhoon* 1 Aluminum
[21:46] *Typhoon* Time and material  show me what U need ... will 
work it out

[21:47] *JupiterCh* 3) What should I send if I wanted a custom one 
built, a standard side/front/top/3-d drawing?  And should I send the 
gun (a VM) so that you can be sure it fits?

[21:47] *Typhoon* $225 -as much as $80. so far

[21:48] *Typhoon* A drawing like that would hel.. we have VMs to 
fit it to...Be sure to consider length
[21:49] *Typhoon* would help 

[21:49] *SierraSun* I've heard stories about you and Camile way 
back when.  considering this was the same time period of the 
SMG-68 (and full auto being 'hi tech'), did anybody apply any 
special interest in a gravity fed semi, or was it just another neat 
gadget (as opposed to a strong
[21:49] *SierraSun* force in paintball hardware)?
[21:50] *SierraSun* This is a question from Paul H.
[21:50] *SierraSun* he had to leave

[21:50] *Typhoon* U bet, they paid attention... Bud applied the 
system that i developed to the Sniper an viola... Autococker
[21:51] *Typhoon* Once people started seeing what I could do with 
my guns,,, everyone got to work trying to catch up.
[21:53] *Typhoon* Camille is exactly now as it was then and it will 
still stand its ground with any gun out there.  
[21:53] *Typhoon* was State of the ART to the max in '88 -'89
[21:54] *Typhoon* I could just about dominate and defiately 
intimidat  any field I went to. :)
[21:55] *Typhoon* great confidence builder when U have the "one 
and only" and it was by far the baddest gun in the game for nearly 2 

* I have several questions, I will ask one at a time if you don't mind. 
1. In your catalog you have a paladin and houndstooth.  What is the 
difference and why is teh houndstooth more expensive?

[21:57] *Typhoon* They are basicaslly the same gun.. Hounds 
tooth is setup for CA  and the Paladin is what my old 12gr tourney 
gun was/is

[21:57] *Typhoon* next
[21:58] *Typhoon* A little more hardwar and time goes into the HT

* 2.  on teh new sc gun you have.  How much is it and is it CA or 
* the pic looks like a verticle asa

[22:00] *Typhoon* The SC is $350. and has a vert adapter and 
12gr changer...  
Unscrew the RatAttack changer and screw in a bottle for CA

* lastly, do you have a semi conversion for sterling stp?

[22:01] *Typhoon* I would love to build the SC witha QuikSilver 
Changer but it too fast and won't qualify as Stock class
[22:02] *Typhoon* I've done them with the system components we 
have but they not well suited for Semi because they cock against 
the valve and turns them intoa major Gashog.

* thanks for your time.. ps, i luuuuuv my nasty typhoon!
* hehe

[22:03] *Typhoon* Sterling has full rights to the Conversion kit that I 
designed for it but they screwed the whole project up.

[22:04] *Typhoon* thanks for your support. :)
[22:05] *Typhoon* I really love the head games that U can play on 
folks withe the doubles
* it has helped my play just by showing up with it!  :)

[22:04] *Jonny-B* Typhoon - have you done any work on full auto 
markers in the past, or do you plan any in the future? ( A f/a nasty 
phoon or hurricane perhaps?) :)

[22:07] *** Quits: Muzikman (
[22:08] *Typhoon* Have been a gunsmith for nearly 35 years and 
there is little Ican't do with a gun.  However, I belive full autos won't 
be good for the game so I have no intention of ever puttin one on 
the market.  Built a full auto version of the Hurrican about 6 years 
ago .  Destroyed it because it just put out too much paint and I was 
afraid of hurting someone.

[22:08] *Grinner* oooooorah
[22:09] *Jonny-B* ok. Thanks

[22:09] *Stefu-* I have read about this in your mails and allways 
wondered how do you match the barrel with the valve?

[22:11] *Typhoon* Our baller honing process makes for a slightly 
football shaped bore.  It a matter of getteng the enlarged portion of 
the barrel to the right size, shape and position to best utilize what 
comes from the valve.
[22:12] *Typhoon* baller=barrel
[22:12] *Typhoon* pleas bear with me I a lousy typest
[22:12] *Typhoon* typist

* whee neud a spel chucker en irc

[22:13] *Stefu-* ok, thanx for the info, maybe I can try one of your 
barrels some day :)
[22:13] *Typhoon* U won't be dissapointed Stefu :)

[22:14] *Stefu-* but can't find any of your barrels here in Finland :(
[22:15] *Typhoon* *Don't think we have sent many to Finland... 1 
o2 maybe

[22:14] *Typhoon* My spelling is fine,,, my fingers just don't know 
where the right keys are. :)

[22:14] *Gutsmash* Typhoon: Do you like the PGP or Nelspot 007 
better? FOr Minimags, do you suggest a bottomline or vertical 
bottle? SP or J&J Barrel? (or yours?)
[22:14] *Gutsmash* SP or J&J Barrel (for Minimags)

[22:15] *Typhoon* As a stock gun... the PGP
[22:16] *Gutsmash* Why the PGP? I've compared both, and they 
seem about the same.

[22:16] *Typhoon* Wher U put you gas supply is a matter of 
preference... bottom line style needs antisiphon tube in tank.

[22:17] *Gutsmash* Do you have pricings for your Barrels?

[22:17] *Typhoon* I prefer my own barrels,,, OFCOURSE*

[22:17] *Gutsmash* I want to get a Palmer Barrel, but I have NO 
IDEA what kind of prices there are.

[22:17] *Gutsmash* LIke what sort of modifications can you do to a 
[22:18] *Gutsmash* Basically: a 12", accurate, good distanced, 
quiet (VERY quiet) barrel for the Minimag (or Automag)

[22:18] *Typhoon* I can get FAR better performance out of the 
PGP... the 5' barrel on the 007 is just TOO short.

[22:20] *Typhoon* Whatever U want done to the barrel...  about 
95.oo for one dialed in to a specific gun with spiral venting and 
Nickle plate

[22:21] *Gutsmash* Whats the most maxed out you can do to a 
[22:21] *Gutsmash* for Minimag?

[22:21] *Typhoon* email your snail-mail address to and I'l send a catalog

[22:22] *Gutsmash* okee doke.  Thanks! Next!

[22:22] *Retten* I have two questions: 1) Do you customize any 
marker, or only certain ones?
[22:22] *Retten* and: 2) Which ones do you prefer for 

[22:22] *Typhoon* see above.  Or we can cut it up any way U want 

[22:23] *Retten* ok...
[22:24] *Retten* Specifically, do you tuneup F2 Illustrators?

[22:24] *Typhoon* I started in this game when all there was was 
the 007... when the PGP came out I jumped on it cause I could do 
more with it(performance wise) and I have stayed a Sheridan fan
[22:25] *Typhoon* We do Paintguns  ALL paintguns
[22:26] *Typhoon* Yes we do tuneups on Illustrators

[22:28] *Retten_* ok, how much is the F2 tuneup, and what is 
[22:30] *Retten_* ok, thanks!

[22:30] *Preacher-* What is the main reason for not sponsoring 
teams? + do ya need anyone to test that new reg (1 piece/2stage) 
for the cocker ;) (hey can't blame me for trying)

[22:32] *Typhoon* It pretty simple really... We put too much into our 
equipment to give it away.
[22:34] *Preacher-* how about once the blazer (production gun) is 

[22:34] *Typhoon* We do excellent work at good price and we 
make sure that the customer ALWAYS gets the moneys worth.  
Besides  the whoe "sponsorship " program in paintball is a farse 
and I am just not into playing that game.

[22:35] *Preacher-* allrighty... enough of me.... next

[22:35] *Typhoon* If I want someone to endorse my product, I will 
contact them.
[22:36] *Typhoon* next

[22:36] *Moogy* ok, I have a coupla questions so please bear with 
[22:37] *Moogy* Typhoon: This Q is towards the Hurricane. Its 
stock is made out of wood. Now, the question is...after long use 
(say a coupla years) will the wood begin to chip or break?? and if by 
some chance it does, is it possible to get it fixed, or do you have to 
buy a totaly new gun?? 

[22:37] *Typhoon* don't get too complex... 
[22:38] *Typhoon* The wood doesn't usually get hurt  but the finish 
goes to hell from the paint.  The stock is replaceable seprately

[22:38] *Moogy*  2) Can you mount a sight rail on it to get a red dot 

[22:39] *Typhoon* sight rail is standard on all of our guns

[22:39] *Moogy*  3) how does it stand up in low temperatures.  

[22:41] *Typhoon* The hurricane ??   works fine in cold.  If well 
below freezing jus turn the anti siphon tank over and go full liquid

[22:41] *Moogy* 4) what kind of barrel does it have one it? and can 
the barrel be upgraded.

[22:42] *Typhoon* It is a fixed brass barrel. 12" and each is dialed 
to the gun.. I doubt an UPGRADE would be possible

[22:42] *Moogy* and last one, about the "Painter"...1) is it a pump? 
Is it simmilar to the hurricane?? and in the catalogue, there was no 
price mentioned...what does it go for in CA and 12gm, and how 
much extra does the sniper stock cost?

[22:44] *Typhoon* yes it a pump.  $375.00 and the sniper stock 
option is 85.00

[22:45] *Typhoon* same basic chassis as the huricane

[22:46] *Grinner* Having tinkered and hacked on just about every 
marker in the industry, which make of 'gun *aside from your own* 
has become your favorite to play around with and why?

[22:46] *Typhoon* hehe  next

[22:47] *Grinner* damn, sorry Glenn....sounded like an essay 
question from HighSchool
[22:47] *Grinner* :)

[22:48] *Typhoon* No real favorites in that area, I just like to tinker 
but not just for the sake of tinkerin.  I a problem solver and trouble 
shooter.. the trick is to know when to stop tinkering *:
[22:49] *Typhoon* no sweat

[22:49] *Grinner* ok then...which is the most fun to "troubleshoot"

[22:50] *Typhoon* The one I haven't seen yet.
[22:50] *Typhoon* or the one that folks say.. "it can't be done on " :)

[22:50] *Grinner* heh..kay..... 
[22:50] *Grinner* nuff of me..... by the way Glenn, yer 'guns a jsut 
freakin phenomonal
[22:52] *Grinner* pardon the pun 

[22:51] *Typhoon* thank U !!! 

[22:51] *kinny-* whew, finally

[22:51] *Typhoon* fire away

[22:52] *kinny-* hi glenn. 1st question: if i am considering buying 
one of your guns, and money is not really a factor, should i choose 
the blazer or the typhoon??

[22:53] *Typhoon* That has to remain a matter of personal 
preference.  Onfiels effectiveness is about equal.

[22:54] *kinny-* i see. then what are the advantages does the 
typhoon have over the blazer?
[22:55] *kinny-* (sorry that last question wasn't grammatically 

[22:55] *Typhoon* I will prolly stick to my current guns because I 
am so used to them that I wouldn't want to have to go through the 
familiarization process again
[22:56] *Typhoon* They are really just different ways of building the 
same thing.  The Blazer is lighter and has fewer parst and will be 
Very slightly more efficient
[22:56] *Typhoon* ooops .... fewer Parts

[22:57] *kinny-* oh ok. So if i have never owned a typhoon before, 
should i just go with the blazer then because of the price?

[22:58] *Typhoon* That would be as good a reason as any.
[22:59] *Typhoon* When we go into full production of the Blazer,,, 
the Typhoon will be slowly phased out ezcept for custom orders 
only and the price of the Typhoon will be a bit higher

[22:59] *kinny-* ok.actually, i have owned a typhoon before, but I 
had to sell it cuz I needed money. Now I own a cocker, and there's 
a LOT of blowback in that gun..

[23:00] *Typhoon* put the O-rings back on the bolt or get the timing 
set properly

[23:01] *kinny-* actually the bolt has o-rings, I think it's just the 
o-ring grooves are too deep..
[23:01] *kinny-* or that the inside of the receiver is too big

[23:00] *kinny-* the typhoon, i remember, has absolutely no 
blowback at all, so my question is, could you reduce the blow back 
on my cocker?

[23:00] *Typhoon* YES

[23:01] *Typhoon* U are talking about the air blowing up the feed 
port, right ?

[23:01] *kinny-* right.

[23:02] *Typhoon* stock bolt ?

[23:02] *kinny-* the firing part of the timing and the cocking part are 
already pretty separated
[23:02] *kinny-* actually i have 2 bolts(both have o-rings) and there 
is a lot of blowback with both of them(one of them is stock)

[23:03] *Typhoon* maybe just the next size up in O-ring
[23:03] *Typhoon* or the bolt isn't going farenough forward... fairly 

[23:03] *kinny-* oh i see, i think i'll probably just bring it in. could 
you give me an estimate on how much it costs?

[23:04] *Typhoon* not untill I see it.  so I can know what would be 
[23:04] *Typhoon* $7.50 minimum
[23:06] *Typhoon* with enough money and imagination .. 
everythiong is possible... I have a great imagination :)

[23:10] *kinny-* oh btw, i think the hurricane is undoubtedly a 
product of your great imagination..hehe..
[23:06] *kinny-* ahh, i'm definitely bringing it in then. ok, last 

[23:07] *kinny-* i remember one of the reasons i didn't get a 
typhoon again was because i like to run bottom
[23:07] *kinny-* wait..i mean one more question..hehe sorry

[23:07] *Typhoon* we have bottom line Typhoons too
[23:08] *Typhoon* shoot :)

[23:08] *kinny-* anyway, i like to run bottom line, but the bottom 
line bracket makes the grip too big for my tiny hands...would the 
blazer have a different bottom line hook up that would keep the grip 
the same size?

[23:08] *Typhoon* YES

[23:09] *kinny-* what kind of grip is it going to take?

[23:09] *Typhoon* Blazer wil have WGP and/or AGD frame
[23:10] *Typhoon* Will have myu design grips similar to what AGD 

[23:10] *kinny-* so when is the earliest i can get a blzazer?
[23:10] *kinny-* blazer

[23:10] *Typhoon* Don't know that yet

[23:11] *kinny-* by the end of summer? maybe?

[23:12] *Typhoon* B4 the end of the year is all I can say at this 
time   When they are ready to go... everyone will be notified

[23:12] *kinny-* great! that's it. Thanks for your answers. I can't 
wait til i own one of your guns again =)

[23:12] *Typhoon* thank you

[23:13] *Sigua* since the blazer is made out of aluminum, are there 
any plans to sell a splash anodized version?

[23:13] *Sigua* maybe a palmer signature series or something?

[23:13] *Typhoon* not as a production item... but I am sure there 
will be some done in various ways on order
[23:15] *Typhoon* Our guns are designed to show off on the fiels 
and not in thestaging area *)

[23:15] *Sigua* hehe
[23:14] *Sigua* also, does the blazer have a removable barrel, and 
if so will you be including one of yours with it?

[23:15] *Typhoon* yes and yes

[23:15] *Sigua* will it be brass, or nickle plated with all the fixins?

[23:16] *Typhoon* 11" brass barrel standard on the Blazer
[23:16] *Typhoon* done Palmer style.
[23:17] *Typhoon* black ano body with plain brass barrel

[23:17] *Sigua* would it be possible to get a nickle plated/spiral 
barrel instead? and will it be compatible with any other gun 

[23:18] *Typhoon* Not compatible with aany other that I know of.   
Custom options will be availabe on the barrels
[23:19] *Typhoon* The aftermarketeers are not going to like the 
Blazer much... Itried not to leave anything for them to do But I sure 
there will be "Gadgetude" marketeers that will find things to build for 

[23:20]* RamboPrea resembles that remark

[23:20] *Grinner* heh
[23:20] *Grinner* RP: you ARE that remark

[23:18] *Sigua* cool, last thing, will there be a waiting list for them?  
i want to try and get one of the first ones

[23:22] *Typhoon* We not keeping a list... Plans in place for max 
advertisoing to let all of paintpall know at the same time  None will 
be let out at all untill I have enough on the shelves to fill a bunch of 
orders   at least 300 will be on hand before the 1st one goes out

[23:22] *Sigua* ok, thanks, keep up the good work

[23:22] *Typhoon* I will certainly try my best. ThankU !!

[23:22] *Skorpion* I have a VM and have problems with it. It still 
cocks but sputters. Question: What would cause the sputtering? 
The VM is set up EXC & a magna port.

[23:24] *Typhoon* lots possibilities there.  A small burr someplace  
improper valve porting, dirt, lack of lube, etc
[23:24] *Typhoon* bad sear can also cause that

[23:25] *Skorpion* ok. thanks. glad names like yours gets on to talk 
to the public...

[23:26] *Typhoon* I am here to help if I can

[23:26] *Skorpion* next.

[23:27] *Pi-* Glenn: Just a quicky.. Does the Palmer Grinder's 
barrels shoot alternatly? Or all at once with a crank?

[23:28] *Typhoon* seprately in sequence..  or can also set the 
trigger cams to fire all the simultaneously too :)
[23:29] *Typhoon* er   all three

[23:29] *Pi-* Glenn: Wow.. I'd hate to be reciving.. Thanks! that's 

[23:30] *Typhoon* at up to 1200 rounds per minute  I wouldn't want 
to be on the recieving end either... I have to be very carefull not to 

[23:29] *SierraSun* Preacher- asked:  Some people say that you 
make the body for the 'phoon (well at least the newer ones) and 
some ppl say all the 'phoons are built on sheridan bodies, so which 
is it?

[23:32] *Typhoon* The Typhoons are all scratch built in our shop 
and always have been... We do conversions for those that have 
Sheridans,  STROKER  but it not the gun the Typhoon is.

[Question from N-Kent lost due to Net-Split]

[23:42] *Typhoon* When bU first hook up your air with a remote  it 
take 25 shots or so to purge the lines and get a consistant supply to the gun...reg 
might help some but 2-stage regulation it almost a must for optimum 
consistancy with CO2... that is if U choose to regulate.. I don't use a reg on my 
gun but I am carefull with my fills and fill my tanks to a little less than stated 

[23:44] *Typhoon* The one thing that is consistant with CO2 and 
that is change... However, that change is very predictable abd if U pay attention to 
your supply,,, it is surprising how cionsistant the gun will be.

[23:43] *N-Kent* well then, I think I am going to contact you about 
making a typhoon for me that is a slightly different setup than the one I have 
now, how long of a wait am I likely in for? (*- last question)

[23:44] *Typhoon* 2-4 weeks depending on what U order
[23:45] *N-Kent* thanks muchly! I am done....

[23:45] *Typhoon* next

[23:45] *Grinner* There's been a lot of noise lately about Smart 
Part's Shocker... 
in your opinion, is an electro-pneumatic marker a viable design step 
into the future of paintguns? Have you played around with the design as 
well? And most importantly, does it WORK?

[23:47] *Grinner* oooo.. I think I caused his brain to short..... sorry 

[23:48] *Typhoon* Viable but I have my reservations as to 
practicality.   Have done a little playing around in that area with an 
engineer friend at Intell.  It can be made to work but I don't think that 
it will ever be all it is cracked up to be

[23:48] *Grinner* Thanks Glenn

[23:48] *Typhoon* SP has a way of calling it like it can never be

[23:49] *Grinner* *I'll have to rub that one in at the store :)*
[23:49] *Grinner* hehe

*RamboPrea* my turn, i am last, but have a few questions

[23:49] *Typhoon* hey... don;t stirr up too much crap... I try hard to 
stay out of  the politics of paintball

*RamboPrea* hehe

[23:50] *Typhoon* go

*RamboPrea* Speaking of "it can't be done" - would it be possible to do a dbl 
barrel version PGP with springfed dual 10 round tubes, autotrigger and 12gramm?

[23:51] *Typhoon* sure it would be possible, but whatever for.?

*RamboPrea* fun, what else

*RamboPrea* do you take trade in's, like if i wanted to upgrade my nasty to a dbl 

[23:52] *Typhoon* same gun  just a different handle... Convert that 
one.   I don't do much with used guns at all

*RamboPrea* great.
*RamboPrea* on your new Stock gun, BTW - what is it's name?  is a 10round 
tube inserted in the loader? (how is it loaded, loader looks short)

[23:53] *Typhoon* Palmer Stock class :)
[23:54] *Typhoon* tube fits into the back and can hold 15 rounds

[23:54] *Grinner* oops... time for me to STOP spendin tax dollars :) 
g'night folks
[23:54] *Grinner* Thanks again Glenn

*RamboPrea* couple left...
*RamboPrea* Is there a T-stock or Wedge-stock available for my new 
"Palmerized" PGP? And do I need to send it in to be installed? (want to keep it SC, 
but want a bit more stability)

[23:55] *Typhoon* We make the Wedge to fit it and it easty to 
install :  $25.00

*RamboPrea* great again!
*RamboPrea* lastly....
*RamboPrea* Do you have any "performance tuneups" available for the 
Mega-Z? (What are they?)

[23:56] *Typhoon* same as any other,,, getailiung and porting to 
[23:56] *Typhoon* er... detailing

*RamboPrea* optamize for liquid or gas?

[23:57] *Typhoon* your choice

*RamboPrea*  thanks... sierra?

[23:58] *Typhoon* we do what YOU want  not just what we want

[23:58] *Typhoon* time out... 1 min... brb

[23:59] *SierraSun* I'm about to draw the postcard for the Viper 
M-1 prize package.

*RamboPrea* woohoo!

[23:59] *Typhoon* back

*RamboPrea* woohoo sierra - i hope, i hope!!!!

[0:00] *SierraSun* Put the postcards in a gear bag and sufficiently 
tumbled it

*RamboPrea* well!????
*RamboPrea*  the suspence is killing me!

[0:00] *SierraSun* and the winner is
[0:00] *SierraSun* oh god

[0:00] *Typhoon* ME

*RamboPrea* come on...

[0:01] *SierraSun* Nick Brassard!

[0:01] *Typhoon* God plays Pball ??

*RamboPrea* woohoo!!!!!

[0:01] *SierraSun* Jinxed!

[0:01] *Moogy* Glenn, Thank you for Joining us tonight and 
answering our questions!

[0:01] *Pi-* What did he win?

*RamboPrea* dang, well at least he is a fellow mega-z owner

[0:01] * Moogy once again curses at himself for not sending in a 

*RamboPrea* thanks glenn!

[0:02] *Moogy* dawn, when is the next drawing?

[0:02] *SierraSun* a Viper M-1 semi auto, I&I sports gear bag, hat, 
drink bottle, one year sub. to paintball news, and a warpig t shirt

[0:02] *Typhoon* U are welcome... was almost fun  :)

[0:02] *Moogy* glenn, 1 quick Q!

[0:02] *SierraSun* Glenn, thank you so much for your fabulous 
time and effort tonight

[0:02] *Pi-* cool.. lucky guy..

[0:02] *Fraser-* I wwould jut like the Warpig t-shirt
[0:02] *Fraser-* :)

[0:02] *Typhoon* as my typing gets better it b easier

*RamboPrea* almost... hehehe

[0:02] *Typhoon* go

[0:02] *Fraser-* Typhoon: will you drop by #Paintball occasionaly?

[0:03] *Typhoon* I'll be here from time to time
Session Close: Thu May 16 00:03:26 1996

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