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Oh Powlack

 Oh Powlack was our first guest in the hot seat, and we thank him for helping to kick off this section of WARPIG.

Oh is a professional paintball player who has been in the sport of paintball for 10 years. His high visibility has earned him the nickname "The Pro You Know". The list of teams for which he has played is long and distinguished:

Oh's distinctive plaid jersey and web gear make him instantly recognizable, and his success on the field has brought him sponsorship from paintball's leading manufacturers and suppliers:

He're What Oh had to say during his stint in the Hot Seat:

From: (Kelly Irwin)

I have a VM-68 with remote, Black Rain 
Smart Parts barrell, and lightened lower bolt. What 
do you reccommend to continue to upgrade this gun 
and who do you reccommend. Also any idea who 
carries the pearl handled grips for this gun. Lastly I 
have access to a machine shop where I work, I 
could machine the body down myself to lighten it. 
Do you know how much you can take off and still 
maintain structural integrity of the gun? 

Thanks in advance. 

One of the best upgrades for the vm-68 is the magna port valve guide from marker products. This will allow you to adjust your velocity from 0-340 without changing the guide hole size. The pearl grips are available from most people(even from Predator Marketing) but you need to order a 45 grip frame to with the grips to use them.

From: (Dave Slane)

Why do you choose the 68Auto-Mag when
many other pros are going with the WGP 
Auto-Cocker ??
I decided to go with the automag over the autococker because it is a more player friendly paintball gun that has less moving parts which in turn will be easier to fix. It doesn't require much more than one allen wrench and a few orings to rebuild the gun like new.

From: (Andrew Blumenfeld)

I been offered an old used PMI-1 for $45. It is 
supposed to be in very good condition. I will not use 
it as much for  combat as I will for just shooting it 
around in the yard (like a trainer) Are these guns 
still any good in todays world of Automags?
For what you want to spend and use the pmi for, I think that it is a good deal for you. I wouldn't use it for more than just target practice if you have to compete with automags or other semi-autos.


What P'gun do you think is the best? Mag, cocker or 
typhoon?  Not for tournament play, but heavy rec. 
Also are there any targeting techniques you might 
pass on, or skill honing practice techniques you 
think are worth trying? Thanks and all the best of 
luck...until we play opposite...just kidding. 

No matter if you play rec-ball or tournament paintball, you should look for a paintball gun that fits your financial need as well as your playing style. Each paintball gun fits a certain level: the spyder is a good mid range gun, the stingray is a good starter gun, and the automag is a good high end gun. If money is not a concern, i would choose the 68 automag because it can be rebuilt with a few orings and doesn't require a tool besides the single allen wrench to adjust the velocity. Make sure to get a gun that allows you to change barrels, fix it yourself, and doesn't break your piggy bank. The best drills for getting better would be running drills that improve your speed as well as run and gun drills that improves your shooting while running. Try a barrel drill that forces you to shoot a small target before allowing you to shoot at the opposing player. good luck.
From: (albator)


I'm french and 6'3 tall !!

What kind of position do I take on the field.
I'm a good runner, but don't love at all to be a 
support guy...

Bye ;D
Your position on the field is dependant upon your speed and size. The game is changing to a game that is friendly to small, fast, and smart players. Your height will limit what spots you can play on the field. Try to improve your speed and shooting skills. This will allow you to play a more up front spot.

From: (Marco Ye)

Do any of the mod for tha automag worth the money 
and time  to get them? For example the 8-hole mod, 
promag mods, hypermag mods, free flow value, 
majic box, various trigger mods, or smartmag 
regualtor.  What kind of tips can you give to a player 
with some experince to improve his game?  
Whatever else you can add will 
be appreciated.  

Try running to improve your speed. Also learn to shoot with both your right and left hand which will allow you to become a more universal player. Some of the mods like the 8-hole, promag, free flow valve, and smart mag all try to do the same thing: reduce velocity drop off. The debate still rages on if they actually work. I've felt that the older mags need the mods more than the newer ones because of the design of the valve. Trigger jobs are nice, but be careful because if done incorrectly, they will damage your gun and will mess up your trigger pull.
From: (Peter B)

I'm looking for a long range paintball gun what do 
you say in your years of experience is an 
exceptional long range and low rate of fire gun. 
Maybe like something that was portrayed in the 
movie THE PROFESSIONAL. Is there such
a thing that you know of. Thanks.
It is important to remember that range is a by product of the velocity of your paintball gun. A paintball coming out of a small pistol and one coming out of a tournament grade semi will travel the same distance if they are shooting the same velocity( which is faster: a porsche going 100 mph or a vw bug going 100 mph ? the same)....i haven't found someone who could violate the laws of the physics yet...find out how much you want to spend and how often you want to play and go that route(automag is a good high end gun, spyder is a good mid range gun, and the stingray is a good starter gun)
From: (Regi "Terminator" 

With all the new high-tech gear available now, what 
are the basic components needed for a great quality 
paintball gun?
Look for basic things like: does it allow you to change barrels, does it allow you to adjust the velocity without taking the gun apart, can you fix it at home without dropping it off at some shop, how many tools does it require, how many moving parts does it have, and finally where do you want to be in the food chain of paintball.
From: (Stacy 

I've been playing paintball for 9 years now, and 
owned/operated a field for over three. I've been on 
several local teams that have since dissolved.
My question, however, is now I have started a team 
(12 person roster) that I like and would very much 
like to see this team make it into the professional 
NPPL circuit. What are the major areas that we, as
a team, should concentrate on to meld into a 
coherent and long lasting team? I have always 
stressed communication to my teammates
but it hasn't worked in the past. Any suggestions? 

Stacy Drennan

Oklahoma (Dodge City Paintball)
Make sure to find out what the goal of the team is. Many teams break up because they don't have a goal or their goal doesn't match the goal of the captain or the team. Come up with a game plan to make the team better. Fortune 500 companies don't just float around in limbo, they have a plan of attack to make their company successful. Practice is key. Make sure to practice with the idea of making each player better as well as making the team better. The worst thing for teams is not willing to try to get better. I'll take a team of average players willing to try to get better over a team of superstars who are lazy and won't work.
From: (Anthony Lyssy)

I am 15 and have a SPYDER with a remote system.  
First Of All, I was wondering what I could do yo that 
existing gun to make it an amatuer tournament level 
gun.  And Also I was wondering how I could form an 
amatuer team with some of my friends and how I 
would go about getting a sponser.  I would Love To 
hear for you.  Thanks for your feedback.
The spyder(bottom line version) could really use an expansion chamber system, anti-siphon co2 tank, after market barrel(J&J hardchrome, smart parts, and marker all make good barrels). Find people who want to play paintball with you for the same reasons and play every local event to gain exp. Make sure to have a banner, uniforms, and a friendly personality. This will go a long way in getting sponsors to notice you. Winning is important, but not 100% necessary for sponsorship success. Be patient. It doesn't happen over night. Try working with your local store.
From: (Tony Burnett)

Do you use any type of "free-flow" valve in your 
'mags?  If so, which one?
I use a special free flow valve in my oh-mag which is personally designed for me. They are common in all my oh-mags and in our pro mag upgrade for automags.
From: CEG1@Comsys.Net (Joshua Gideon)

I am looking for a silencer for a Sherridan Parahana 
LB.  I have called, and visited too many places!  No 
one seems to have what I am looking for.  Can you 
help me find a place that can get me a 10-12" 
silencer?  I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thanks much,
The silencer for the pmi is illegal to sell in california. You may want to try I&I sports because they seem to carry aftermarket parts which are hard to find.
From: (Ryan MacClanathan)

Do you have any special tips for playing at indoor 
fields?   Most of my playing time is spent at an 
indoor field which features special effects such as 
fog and strobe lights.  These effects often 
disorientate the new player.  Have you ever played 
a competition indooors, and what suggestions do 
you have?
I've played in tournaments which were held at indoor fields like Tombstone in Montreal. The best thing to remember is to move quickly to gain the upper hand if the field is designed for movement. Learn the layout of the field which will allow you to know the sweet spots on the field which will allow you to shoot at someone without seeing them.
From: (tim fleming)

There is a rumor B.C. is breaking up because of 
thier poor showing in Las Vegas. Is this true or just 
another rumor? Is Tommy staying or leaving?
Rumors are funny because anyone can start them and nobody can stop them because people like to hear and foster rumors. The truth of the matter is that BC is not breaking up and Tom would never leave(remember he started this team nearly 10 years ago) for another team. We just played in pittsburgh and finished 7th out of 54 teams. Not the best showing since we won this event last year, but not the worst possible outcome. Remember, Rage of Florida hasn't made the semi-finals this entire year. It is just getting tougher for everyone. For example, the Ironmen came within 2 points of not making the semi-finals in pittsburgh.
From: (Scott Chase)

What is the best advice you can give me about 
buying a new gun.  I have worked long hours to 
save money, but I can't decide if I should get a 
cocker or automag, minimag, or micromag. It would 
mean the world to me if you could just write a breif 
message to me.

Thanks in advance,    
Scott "Wonderboy" Chase  TIP#1558
Internally, the automag, minimag, and micromag are all the same. If you want a gun that is player friendly and easy to maintain then go with the automag line..if you want the gun that is more like a racing car(takes a lot of work, but runs well) then go with the autococker.
From: (koa young)

What are the best materials, lengths,and 
options(muzzle break,porting etc.)for the automag
The J&J hardchrome barrel will allow you to shoot through a broken ball without using your cleaner while the smart parts will shoot much quieter. Each shoots well, but I like the J&J hardchrome because of the overall advantages.
From: (Jan Rickes)

I hope it is not that boring. Now, many top Proteams 
(Ironmen,UK Predators, Aftershock) are using WGP 
AutoCocker.  Why are you using the AutoMag?
What kind of drill would you recommend?
Just for information: Rennick Miller(capt. of aftershock) used an automag in pittsburgh, most of the all americans use the automag, the majority of tournament players use the automag. The main reason most people use the automag: it is the most player friendly gun which allows you to fix it without carrying a 15 pound tool box. A few orings and the gun is like new. The best drills to run should be drills that improve your speed and shooting. Trying setting up a course that forces you to run about 50 yds. while shooting 4-5 targets. Do this over and over until it becomes easy then add more targets and increase the distance.
From: (scott posey)

What makes nitrogen better than co2 if you play in a 
time limited game i dont see how you could use up 
a 20 oz tank of co2 and carry that much paint with 
you and not have to look like the hulk?

                         Timber Da Wolf
The main advantage: it doesn't require to be chilled before filling, topping off and filling can be done in seconds, and it usually maintains the velocity better than co2 because it doesn't change with temp. If you don't shoot that much or are playing in a limited paint game, you probably won't need nitro.
From: (RYan)

What are soming good tactics for storming a well 
protected base?
Do it as a team and come from all sides. Don't slow down and shoot a lot of paint. Remember to get in as quickly as possible to use the base to your advantage.
From: Corwin@internetMCI.COM (Jason)

Dear Oh,

Do you have any suggestions for a gun for a 12 
year old player.  I'm looking at the Tracer but I'm not 
sure.  I'll play probably once a month.  Could you 
please suggest a gun and tell me all the information 
about it including "what paint works best in it""PROS 
& CONS""what can be fixed from the CONS section
 and how much it will cost(service, parts etc,.)""also 
tell me this info on the Tracer thanks.""SEMI PUMP 
OR AUTO"  I want a pump with an autotrigger.


The best pump for the money is the trracer deluxe because it has the auto trigger you want as well as a velocity adjustment down the barrel. You may want to look at the Hammer A also. It has most of the same features. If you want to spend a bit more money, try the phantom because it has the best auto trigger. Stay away from the sterling(no velocity adjuster) because it is very over priced for a pump gun.
From: (Zack Schneeberger)
--User Host ID:
--User Remote Address:
--Browser used: PRODIGY-WB/2.0d
What kind of system do you have? What have you 
added on? 

                                   Recon Cheese
I use an Oh-mag with an air america air system with a J&J hardchrome barrel with a Viewloader 2000 Shredder.
From: Peter

My question for Oh is: When do we turn pro?
We got a team here in Sweden doing pretty good. 
We´ve won some tournaments and do often train 
against (the very Swedish) True colors. So could 
you tell me when to turn pro.  It´s talked a lot about 
"what separetes the kindergarten from the big 
leagues" but I think we´ve already got that pressure.
So could winning the next tournament here in 
Sweden be like an  entrance to the path of the 

                                      S. Peter

                        from England:
The best time to turn pro is when your team's on field skills match your team's off field goals. Make sure to have the financial support necessary to play on the pro level. Make sure have the skills necessary to compete on the field. Winning one tournament is not a good judge. Look for the overall track record. At one point, you will become bored with the amateur level and this will be the first sign to move on.
From: (Paul McClung)

I recently purchance a new remote line.  This line is 
7' long, but is coiled up and flexible like a tele-phone 
line.  PCRI just did a review of it in their last issue.

My question is:

If I removed my expansion chamber from my 
AutoMag, would this line serve well as its 

Thank you

The expansion chamber will do more than just a hose. Co2 has two forms(gas and liquid). The chamber helps to turn the co2 liquid form back to gas form. I wouldn't take off the chamber unless you plan to get one for the remote line itself.

What is the best barrel that you have found for your 
mag??Also, are there any mods you would consider 
to make my minimag better than it already is?
And one last one,could you tell me if a cocker really 
shoots more accuratly and farther??  

I personally use the J&J hardchrome barrel because it allows me to shoot straight, but also allows me to shoot through a broken ball without using a barrel cleaner. I would recommend the viewloader 2000 and some sort of expansion or regulator system like the Unireg or Sheriden RG1. Remember accuracy derives from the relationship of your barrel, paint, and velocity. If one gun was the perfect gun, everyone would use it.
From: praisechap (Jim Lewis)
I am cosidering purchasing a Palmer:stroker, could 
you please give me a good estimation of this gun 
and any negative qualities.
The palmer guns are nice guns and shoot well. The downsides are: can't change barrels, shoots sluggish compared to automags and tricked out autocockers, and can't be fixed without taking it in to glenn's shop.
From: (paul weyforth)

Dear Mr.Powlak,

First I want to say good luck to you and bad 
company at the pittsburg open. Last month I bought 
a Micromag from pevs,i loved this gun the first day i 
set eyes on it,until i got problems with freeze ups 
and it shooting eratically,also its been at pevs
every week since i've bought it.What would help 
prevent this from happenning( i can't afford nitrogen 
or compressed air)and also my gun is configured 
                                    Your Fan,
                                  Paul Weyforth
Thank you for the kind words. Co2 in itself changes from gas to liquid which could cause erractic velocity. The regulator of your gun should be checked out for dirt and debree. Make sure to check out the reg. seat, reg, and bolt spring, power tube spring, and finally make sure to check the surface of your reg. piston. No matter what you do, your gun won't shoot consistant if you don't keep it clean.
From: (Scott Hudnall, Paintball Indianapolis, LLC)

Dear Oh, I am a field owner and have a few 
questions for you about growing the sport of 
paintball in areas where it is relatively
 new. Our field is now in it's 3rd season, doing well, 
and the only viable outdoor field in the central 
Indiana area.  I want to involve the local players as 
much as possible and make them feel that they 
have some type of "ownership" in the field.  
However, I think that those of us in the business 
understand that the only way to keep a field open is 
to continue to develop new and repeat business 
with groups/companies, etc that will continue to rent
upgrades, pay field paint prices, etc.  The 
unfortunate reality of many of the players who have 
invested $$ in their equipment is that they want to 
play for free and shoot up the newbies. It is
important to offer these players something that they 
can feel a part of. In your experience, what events 
have been the most effective in drawing players? 
What is a viable event for a field owner to undertake 
that is cost effective?  Tournaments seem the
easy answer,,,,however, they are generally NOT 
cost effective and it is important to us to make 
paintball affordable.  Other field owners that I have 
networked with have dumped the idea of holding
any more tournaments due to bad experiences, bad 
attitudes, etc.  Those who are holding the 
tournaments are having to charge high
fees in order to turn a profit...and those who hold 
down the fees are seeing loses or are simply doing 
this as a hobby.  Please do not get me wrong....I DO 
want to offer players something that is
going to be attractive to them.  I want them to know 
they are getting the best paintball deal around and 
that they are welcome.

I invite your suggestions.  Thanks for being a big 
part of the paintball industry and best of 
luck!....Scott/Paintball Indianapolis, LLC
The best way to keep and increase your player base is to: separate your players from newbies and self equipped players, use semi-autos because it is a lot easier to use for first time players, run big games that don't cost much to get in or promotes new players like bring a buddy day, run novice tournaments and look into forming a league similar to bowling leagues. Don't alienate your self equipped players. Get them to run and organize games, maybe form a team...good luck
From: (Glenn Courington TIP#1718)

Okay, a basic question that can be expanded on.  
Being a relative newbie, myself and my teammates 
are wondering about some standard drills to run to 
make us work together as a team.  Right now, we 
tend not to, simply because we don't know how.  
Any suggestions?  Thanks, this is a great thing that 
Warpig is doing.
Some basic tips: learn your equipment. Many players don't understand their gear and become easy victims to small and minor problems. Try running drills that increase your speed)sprints, running, etc. Develop a run and gun drill that gets you to run about 50 yds. while shooting 4-5 targets. time yourself and try to improve on your time. learn to shoot with both hands.
From: lab2wkstation29 (Jason)

What do you recommend for the Pro/lite to make it a 
bad boy.
A better barrel (J&J hardchrome, smart parts, or marker products), a viewloader 2000, venturi bolt from marker products, anti-siphon tank, and a trigger job.
From: 75763, (Daniel Roquette)

I'm having problems with a gas leak in my automag. 
It only happenss sometimes, like when I gas the 
gun. once I shoot a few times it stops. con you 
It may be dirt on your reg seat or reg piston, your oring on your piston may be wearing out or your on/off assembly may need rebuilding. good luck and let me know what happens.
From: (Josh Donahue)

What is the real difference between a Automag and 
a Minimag?  Thanks for your time. See you at the 
Chicago Open
The internals are the same, but the minimag offers a powerfeed and longer body with a vertical tank adaptor with molded grips with a quick disconnect. 
From: Shep_Creek@MSN.Com (Bob)

I'm a newbie and I want to buy a semi-auto paint 
gun, what is a good gun for a good price (under 
The best guns under $300 are the spyders, f-2, and pro lites. I would go with the f-2 because it has all the featurers you want: easy to adjust velocity, bottom line, nice barrel, and not too heavy and fairly reliable.
From: (jeff fox)

Is Bad Company coming over to the Australian 
Masters in june ?  If so i look forward to meeting you 
and getting a chance to play against you.

Jeff Fox
Team "Apparition"
Bad Company is coming to Australia in July for the Paintball Championships.
We would like to thank Oh for taking the time to be our first guest in the Hot Seat, and look forward to his return.

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