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WARPIG Store Finder
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Semiauto Paintgun Rentals available Pump Paintgun Rentals available
CO2 fills 3,000 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills
4,500 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Factory trained/authorized airsmith

Global Park Paintball
Entry Date: Wed Jan 5 2000
303 Summer Street Abington/ South of Boston Massachusetts 02351
1-781-982-7000 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsSemi_RentalsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Global Park Paintball offers a new paintball membership club.For about the price of a case of paint at one of the more exspensive paintball fields you will recieve a one year membership to Global Park Paintball Club, as a member you gain unlimited free field admissions at Global Park Paintball and the lowest price guarentee on all your paintball supplies. PERIOD. No one can sell to you more calling 888 & 900 numbers, no more .com this .com that. Period we can get it cheaper if your a member, or it's for details. some resrictions apply.
clearshot paintball
Entry Date: Tue Jul 4 2000
946 Washington Street South Attleboro Massachusetts 02703
(508)399-1111 CO2_Fills3000psi_FillsSemi_Rentals
We carry everything a new or advanced player needs. Paint, air fills, guns, barrels, accessories, clothes and more are available. We sell new and used, and have a buy back program. Anything not in store we can usually order for you. We offer in-store repair and can answer any questions you have. Give us a call or stop on by and find out what we're all about!
X Fire Paintball
Entry Date: Tue Mar 6 2001
850 Southbridge Stree (Routes 12 &20) Auburn Massachusetts 01501
(508) 721-0003 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
We carry loads of guns, paint, parts, barrels, camo, loaders, packs, pods, masks, clothing and other equipment. We have Angels, Cockers, Shockers, Impulses, Automag RT's, Automag Clasics, Classics with power feeds, minimags, micromags, Model 98's, 98 Customs, Spyder - Classics, Compacts, Special Editions, Shutters, Java editions and 2000's. plus Mavericks, Eagles, PT Enforcers and lots more. For paint - Proball, Marballizer, El Tigre, PMI, Team Colors, Diablo, Blaze, All-Star, Armagedon, Big Ball and more. Camo - the real stuff - military grade in Woodland, Smokey Branch, Tiger Stripe and the ever popular Black in sizes from infants to XXXL. Barrels all types with a huge selection of Smart Parts' best - the All-American plus lots of DYE's aluminum, stainless and the Boomstick plus the Freak system, the CP system and lots more. Parts - we've got them - expansion chambers, bolts, bottom lines, remotes, hoses, macro/microline, Stainless, bolts, low pressure chambers, rams, three-ways, front blocks, velocity adjusters, gloves, shirts, neck protectors, etc, etc, etc. Fills, CO2 of course and 3,000 and 4,500 psi air fills. Our staff plays. We have factory certified techs - Worr Games, APG, Tippmann, Spyder and more
Global Park Paintball "THE PRO-SHOP"

Entry Date: Wed Sep 26 2001
604 Bedford Street Abington Massachusetts 02351
1-781-982-7001 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
"THE PRO-SHOP" it's in our name. With over 50 different guns on display for the rec player to the wanna be pro player, we have it for you. Our Factory trained gun tecs can set you up with everything you need at a competitive price. Located 20 minutes south of Boston on Rte 18 in Abington. So forget shopping on-line come on and look, touch and play with that new gun ya lookin at. WE DON'T BRAG WE ARE THE BEST...OUR CUSTOMERS DO. So come on by and see why!!!!
PW Paintball
Entry Date: Thu Nov 1 2001
150 South St. Plainville Massachusetts 02762
508-643-7406 ORDERS ONLY Toll Free 888-8714476 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
We have everything from the new player to the tournament player. Come check out our stock of gun, paint, and equipment. We have been around since 1994 and still going strong. Our factory certified techs can get your gun up and running again or upgrade it to a hole new level of play. Why order it from someone else when we have it in stock and you can buy it today. We have a small shop but it is PACKED! Located 2 miles south of Wrentham Out-Lets, and 4 miles north of Emerald Square Mall.
J&M Paintball and Radio II
Entry Date: Fri Jan 25 2002
15 North Main St Bellingham Commons Plaza Bellingham Massachusetts 02019
508-966-4700 CO2_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
J&M Paintball and Radio II (Open Sundays) @J&M Paintball you alway get more Balls for your Buck and always our customers our # 1 friendly service and fair prices is what you'll find AT J&M check us out you wont be sorry :)
119 Paintball, Inc.
Entry Date: Tue May 14 2002
256 Main st. Townsend Massachusetts 01469
978 597 3501 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
We are your full service paintball retailer. We carry a full line of paintball equipment and accessories. Including Tippmann, Kingman, Worr, ICD, AGD, WDP, 32 Degrees, and many many more. We also fill co2 and nitro and repair all types of paintball guns. 119 Paintball, Inc. is the only route for great Paintball!
Paintball Wizard, Inc
Entry Date: Thu Jul 18 2002
2235 Main Street Tewksbury Massachusetts 01876
978 988 5657 CO2_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Paintball Wizard is the premier paintball store in New England. We offer friendly knowledgeable customer service, a 30 day money back guarantee on any unused product, and prices that are at INTERNET LEVELS! Our 2000 sq ft retail store stocks over 30 different types of guns in many colors. We sell the following paintballs as well... 32 Degrees Competition, 32 Degrees Team Colors, Midnite, Hellfire, Blaze, Inferno, Marbalizer, Slam, All Star, PMI Advantage, & Nitro Duck. Parents will find it easy to relax on our couch while their children speak with our paintball specialist. We also can work on just about any gun including Angels, Autocockers, Automags, Spyders & clones, and much much more. We are also Tippmann Factory Certified and can repair your Tippmann gun under warranty! Check out our site at
Atwood Paintball
Entry Date: Thu Feb 20 2003
471 Atwood Ave. Cranston RI Massachusetts 02920
401-942-9955 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills
We are just over the Massachusetts line in Craston, RI. Before you buy another thing on the internet, come check out our low prices. Isn't that what you really want? We have a full line of paintball supplies and accessories at unheard of prices. We're definatelly worth the trip. If we're not the lowest, let us know!
The New England Paintball Supply

Entry Date: Wed Mar 12 2003
147 Tyler St. Pittsfield Massachusetts 01201
413-442-6377 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
The New England Paintball Supply is the home of Avalle Custom Designs. Specializing in 'cockers and 'mags. We can meet or beat any price on any paintball item!! Call us NOW!!! Look for our Paintball field soon!!
Paintball Supply Shack
Entry Date: Fri Apr 18 2003
2036 Smith Street North Providence Massachusetts 02356
401-353-6040 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsSemi_RentalsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Come check up out in near by RI! We carry a full line of goodies for all level of play! You are sure to be happy with our selection, prices and service!
Horror Show Paintball
Entry Date: Mon Jun 9 2003
946 Washington St. S. Attleboro Massachusetts 02703
508-399-1111 CO2_Fills3000psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Horror Show Paintball - Old School Wisdom, New School Attitude We carry products from 32 Degrees, JT, Dye, Tippmann, Air Gun Designs, Airtech, WDP (Angel), Worr Games, Diablo, Draxxus, Team Colors, ADCO, National paintball Supply, Redz, Extreme Rage, Planet Paintball (Eclipse), Smart Parts, Bob Long, Armotech, Kingman (Spyder), VForce, Armson, Proteam Products, Psycho ballistics, Air America, Crossfire, and many more. We Fix Tippmanns, Spyders, and most Spyder-like blow back guns. We also fix Autocockers, Automags, and Intimidators. We can also act a your contact with all major gun manufacturers. If you want to learn about the prodcuts you buy, and want a store that will stand behind the products it sells, If you want to buy the best products available, at the best prices, If you want to do business with players, who love the game, and won't look down on you because yu don't play tourmanets, If you want to buy from players, who have been where you want to go, play tournaments, and have played internationally, Horror Show Paintball is for you. Note: 4500 psi fills are sometimes available. Please call for availablility.
Fox4 Paintball
Entry Date: Thu Sep 23 2004
159 Milford Road (Rt. 140) Upton Massachusetts 01568
508-529 FOX4 (3694) CO2_Fills4500psi_FillsSemi_RentalsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Everything you need and then some. We carry Matrix DM4 and LCD, Tippmann, Bob Long "Timmies", Pirahana,and can get most any other marker. We service most all makes new and old. Any new marker purchased gets a full one year warrantee, a pass to the field and a starter kit. We also stock a full line of jerseys and tourney pants, current styles not outdated. Full line of camo for the woodballers. Our cases are stocked with every upgrade you need and then some. Stop by and compare prices especially on our paint. Hope to see you soon!
Baystate Paintball and Airsoft
Entry Date: Wed Jun 15 2005
15 North Main st Bellingham Commons Plaza Bellingham Massachusetts 02019
508-966-4700 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
3 Great Reasons to Shop @ Baystate Paintball Services Seleation and Price's We have the Largest Airsoft Display on the East Coast also please Visit our RI Stores J&M Paintball In Woonsocket and Warwick RI

Entry Date: Wed May 30 2007
413-732-8026 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Entry Date: Wed Jun 20 2007
53 Mason St Salem Massachusetts 01845
978-686-2840 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Your discount paintball store for paintball guns, paintballs, masks and gear. We carry Eclipse, Angel, Diablo, Spyder, Ben Tippmann, we have it all!
Monster Paintball
Entry Date: Wed Aug 22 2007
Walnut Hill Park Woburn Massachusetts 01801
781.933.2300 CO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsSemi_RentalsFactory_Trained_Airsmith
Visit our full service Pro Shop where we offer a full range of products for all your paintball needs. With products from the big names like ECLIPSE, DYE, and TIPPMANN to the smaller guys like TECH+T and HATER. We have you covered from head to toe and barrel tip to air tank. Whether you are just starting out or have been around since your only option was pump with 12 grams, we have got something here for you. Looking for that hard to find item? We have it or will have it within one week as long as the manufacturer has it in stock. We specialize in finding the innovative products that our customers need. Got your eye on that new watchamathingy coming out? Pre-order it and be the first on the block with the new hotness. Gear old and busted? Just looking to get it cleaned up and running good for the new season? Bring it in and we will have you up and running in no time with full gun tech service on site. At Monster Paintball, we are committed to providing good prices, wide selection and excellent service to our customers. Come to Monster and experience the difference! You'll be glad you did.
ACU Paintball Supply Co,. INC
Entry Date: Thu Apr 16 2009
10-1 Deer Path Maynard, USA Massachusetts 01754
ACU Paintball Supply is a trustworthy paintball manufacturer utilizing dependable American technology. With 7 years of production experience in China, ACU has maintained an outstanding reputation for quality, precision, and innovation. Servicing clients globally in Europe, United States, Asia, Russia, and South Africa, ACU has built long-term relationships with clients on the business and individual level. Integrating reliable technology, high levels of customization, and an attractive price, ACU Paintball Supply has been favored among professional players.
ACU Paintball Supply Co,. INC
Entry Date: Wed Dec 9 2009
10-1 Deer Path Maynard, USA Massachusetts 01754
ACU Paintball Supply is a trustworthy paintball manufacturer utilizing dependable American technology. With 7 years of production experience in China, ACU has maintained an outstanding reputation for quality, precision, and innovation. Servicing clients globally in Europe, United States, Asia, Russia, and South Africa, ACU has built long-term relationships with clients on the business and individual level. Integrating reliable technology, high levels of customization, and an attractive price, ACU Paintball Supply has been favored among professional players.

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