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Register Here Store Finder - Add a Store

The WARPIG Store finder is a way to promote your business at no cost to you or the player.  The WARPIG Store Finder was the world wide web's first interactive store listing - where store owners could enter their own store information directly into the custom written database, rather than wait for a webmaster to update a page.  With the millions of hits the WARPIG web site receives each day, the Store Finder has helped untold numbers of players find paintball retail outlets in their area.  In order to list your store, you will need to fill out the following form with your information, and select feature icons to be used in your listing.  Press the "Submit" button, and you are ready to go.  Please be sure to check this page as well to find out other ways that can help you grow your business, for free!

This first segment is to identify who you, the person posting the listing are.  This information is not shown on the Store Finder pages.  It is stored in the database to verify your identity for later changes to the listing, and to prevent abuse of the Store Finder system.

In order to post this listing you must be a registered WARPIG user.  If you have not already registered, you may do so by CLICKING HERE. Registration takes only a few minutes, and is completely free.

E-Mail Address

Password   Forgot your password?  CLICK HERE



Store Name - The name of your store.

Store Web Page URL - This should include the http (i.e.  If you don't have a web page, leave this blank.  There's no excuse for not having a web page these days though, it is very affordably marketing.  Chances are you'll find a net-head who is a regular customer at your store very willing to trade out web design for some paint or gear.  If you're looking for a professionally designed page, drop us some feedback, that's one of the things we do when we aren't doing paintball.

Store e-mail address - This is the public contact address for your store.  If you do not have one, leave it blank.

Region - Where in the world are you?



Zip/Postal Code - Don't leave this one out, players using interactive maps like Mapquest can find you more easily.

Phone - The phone number used for store information and sales.


STORE AMENITIES - Check each that applies to your store.

Semiauto Paintgun Rentals available
Note these are RENTALS
Pump Paintgun Rentals available
Note these are RENTALS
CO2 fills 3,000 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills
4,500 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Factory trained/authorized airsmith

STORE DESCRIPTION - This is the area to sell yourself.  What makes your store unique?  Why should a player come into your store instead of buying mail order?  What airsmithing, custom work and warranty services do you offer?  How large is your selection, what product lines do you carry?

Update - If you are entering this listing as an update to a previous store listing, check this box.  This will not automatically replace your listing - the old listing will still appear on the page along with the new listing.  It will be removed later during database maintenance.

OK - You're almost done!  Check back over everything you have entered.  You may want to paste your store description into a word processor for spellchecking.  Once you are satisfied that everything is ready, press the button one time only.  Unless you get a WARPIG error screen with a store listing error code, your listing will have been entered into our database.

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