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Severe Extravaganza @ EMR

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Posted by:
"(EycE) Production" Northern Jersey

on August 09, 2004 at 13:30:27

BLUE of E.M.R. PAINTBALL PARK and SEVERE PAINTBALLS have come together to bring all players a great 4-day paintball weekend on Sept. 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. EMR, home to the CASTLE CONQUEST and host to the 2003 SPPLAT ATTACK II is hosting SEVERE'S LABOR DAY EXTRAVAGANZA. There will be playing under the lights in CASTLE AAARRGH and JOINT FURY TOWN on Friday Evening, Multiple specialized games on EMR's many different fields on Saturday followed by a Player's Party with live music from "Zero Tolerance", Fireworks, and refreshments Saturday night, and culminate with a big game on Sunday brought to you by Ralph Torrell followed by a huge bon fire and story swapping party. Monday will be for relaxing and heading home.

This exciting event is only $25 for all players that prepay by 8/21/04 and for all of those early registrations that are received by August 1st, there will be a drawing for a WORR GAME PRODUCTS VF Tactical Autococker. Preregistration gets you a FREE SEVERE Player Jersey designating which side you play on, FREE CO2 and COMPRESSED AIR (18 fills up to 4500 psi at a time), FREE FOOD and BEVERAGES Saturday Night, and entry into the drawings for $1000s in Prize Giveaways. As always, there will be FREE LODGING, FREE CAMPING, and FREE PARKING at EMR for this event.

Over 20 vendors have already signed up to display their wares and put into the prize package, so the trade show should be bigger than even the SPRING CASTLE CONQUEST. Come join the biggest funnest event in the Northeast in 2004 at EMR PAINTBALL PARK in New Milford, PA. For more information on EMR go to or call (570) 465-9622 or you can e-mail BLUE himself at


The year is 2010 and SEVERE PAINTBALLS cannot keep up with the astronomical volume of paint sales it has generated through it's high standards of quality and good marketing. At a secret meeting of only the upper echolon of SEVERE, it has been decided to add a brand new performance adding formula to all the capuchino machines throughout the plant to increase productivity. The brilliant (and sometimes Evil) scientist DR. BLUE has assured management that he has conducted every test imagineable and that his new BLUE LATTE formula is flawless and poses no health risks. But something has gone terribly wrong. The employees have turned into crazed zombies and are trying to take over the company. It has turned into a mighty struggle for control of SEVERE between management and non-cappuchino drinking employees and the crazed zombies.

Come join Divine Craft Paintball, the EMR Family, and all your friends in the fight for control of SEVERE PAINTBALLS Labor Day weekend. Four days of Paintball fun and all preregistered players by 8/21/04 receive a FREE SEVERE PLAYER'S JERSEY designating which side they are fighting for. GREY is on the side of Management and RED is the side of the Zombies. Divine Craft has designed over 500 realistic props that will be distributed throughout the 100 acres of playing field and will add realism to the adventure. Only $25 if preregisterd by 8/21/04 and a bonus of entry into the drawing for a WORR GAMES VF TACTICAL AUTOCOCKER if preregistered by August 1st.

Friday evening will bring paintballing under the lights in CASTLE AAARRGH and JOINT FURY TOWN. On Saturday there will be numerous games on different fields throughout the day followed by a player's party provided by SEVERE PAINTBALLS with a Fireworks Show, live entertainment by ZERO TOLERANCE, and FREE FOOD and BEVERAGES. There also will be more playing under the lights for those players that never want to stop. On Sunday, the fight for domination of SEVERE PAINTBALLS starts and continues throughout the day until 6:00 pm at which time $1000s worth of prizes will be awarded to the players and the final score announced. All players are welcome to stay over until Monday and even play some more paintball until 2:00 pm.

There is FREE LODGING in our 35 bunkhouses, FREE CAMPING in our campsites, and FREE PARKING for all participants. For a schedule of what is happening at the SEVERE EXTRAVAGANZA, more info on E.M.R. PAINTBALL PARK, or to preregister, go to or call (570) 465-9622. Hope to see you all there. DR. BLUE

Severe Extravaganza Schedule: September 3rd-6th

3:00 pm: Registration will be open until 11 pm along with paint sales, C/A and Co2 fills.
6:00 pm: Chrono will begin for night play
7:00 pm: Open play
11:00 pm: Registration closes. Open play ends

8:00 am: Store opens along with chrono, C/A and Co2 fills and paint sales. We will be playing 2 games on each field as it is scheduled. Therefore, you can pick and choose what fields you would like to play by showing up at the designated time.
9:00 am: Factory Tech classes begin: Included are Tippmann and Generation E
10:00 am: Open play at Sgt Splatter’s
11:10 am: Attack and Defend of Boneheads Castle
12:10 pm: Short break to get air, paint and food
12:30 pm: Hawaiian Punches
1:40 pm: Castle AAARRGH
2:50 pm: Joint Fury Town
3:50 pm: Paint and Air break
4:30 pm: DOTW Firebase
5:40 pm: Hanse Hollow
6:50 pm: Open Play ends until 9:00 pm
8:00 pm: Player’s Party w/ Live Band and Fireworks
8:30 pm: Staging for night play at Rec. Center
9:00 pm: Night Play in the Castle from 9:00-10:00pm
10:10 pm: Night Play in Joint Fury Town 10:10-11:10
11:00 pm: Store closes

7:00 am: Store and Registration opens along with chrono, C/A and Co2 and paint sales
9:25 am: Chrono closes for orientation
9:30 am: Player Orientation
10:00 am: Severe Game begins
6:00 pm: Game is over
6:15 pm: Prize giveaways

9:00 am: Store and Registration opens along with chrono, C/A and Co2 and paint sales
10:30 am: Open Play from 10:30 until 2:00 pm. Minimum of 25 players to play
2:00 pm: Open play ends and Store closes

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