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Re: Bunker Hill

In Reply to: Re: Bunker Hill posted by on July 20, 2004 at 11:32:43:

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Posted by:
Joe Gamb

on July 20, 2004 at 23:14:02

: Ok! when the st. johns water managment backed
: off from wanting to buy the lower part of the
: field, we started to build some more, as you
: saw we started with the old fort and I came up
: with the FT. Apache game idea with the four
: flags, we let our walk-ons do that same game
: about 10 diff. time for about 20 mins each
: game, and they always got one or more flags.
: we never figured that the 3 teams that sign up
: for the series would hold the flags and i would
: need A play-off, but it happen with two team
: so! I came up the play off idea of both team capt.
: doing a best 2 out of 3 game in front of the neted
: area so the other players and team menbers could
: see just how well their capt!. could play, it was
: tex of the doom trooper who said tO use rental
: guns. as far as the troopers holding the fort for
: a longer time, the first game the black berets
: were the defenders, the troopers were the
: attackers, after 3 1/2 hours of game play. I saw
: only (FIVE) WALK-ON PLAYERS that were still trying
: to attacker the fort, all the OTHER attackers had
: run out of paint, got tired, or when to play air-
: ball like tex and them did. so I made the call
: to end the game early and give the berets the full
: 4 hour game. the first game it was 25 defenders
: to 150 attackers. the 2 nd game with the troopers
: in the fort as defenders and the berets as
: attackers saw a 25 defenders to 80 attackers and
: that game lasted for the full 4 hours as the
: berets were still trying to get a flag.
: now the moster was born! two team tied???? now
: the 3 rd team back out and did not show up the
: day of the game, what to do now. I had 91
: attackers standing around ready to play and no one
: wanted to be in the fort. so i got some of our
: field ref. who had ref the first two game but
: wanted to play in the 3 rd game, to go in the
: fort that was 5 players in the fort so far, then
: came the sweet talking from me, my wife, and
: others trying to get 20 more players to help
: be a defender we got up to 21 players in the
: fort now, so game on. they got creamed in 17
: mins. so now some of the other teams that showed
: up that day figure hey! it's maybe not that bad to
: be in the fort, so here we go with a diff. team.
: thay lasted about 38 mins. now time to do the
: best of 2 out of 3 game with the capt. then some
: walk-on games. as far as the bunker hill game
: it was HOT! playing paintball that day, and
: yes one team was going to have to walk a litte
: more then the other team, being an OLD GUY
: carrying an big old shocker with a 114 ci 4500
: psi tank, I always ask which team has the base
: nearer so i don't have to walk so far. did your
: ask, guess not! half way thru the game some
: players and capts. ask if we could move the red
: base under the tree by the pond to get out of
: the sun. " I " also made the call to do that,
: " I " will make any call that makes the game
: better and more enjoyable for the players, as
: long it is fair for both side. and during the
: game i was asking players, ref's what can we do
: next game to make it better, I came away with 8
: thing to change for the next game to make it
: better, and may come away with 8 more things
: next game to make it better, BUT! did YOU ever
: come by and talk to me about any thing that
: would help make the games better? guess not,
: your must be to busy driving to ww with all your
: ideas on how to make a game better huh! I can't
: make a player happy if you don't tell me what
: wrong, I have played the game of paintball for
: 18 year now, some players you can't make happy
: even if you give them free paint,free air, free
: entrys, free food, free rides to the base, will
: take the hits for them, wipe it off, free rides
: off the fields, free etc........... sorry you



After reading the last few post I would like to say that I have not approached this issue in the best manner. I did speak with several refs but I never did speak with you regarding any of my concerns and this is not the venue to adress them. In the future I will direct my concerns to you. I have always found Old River Paint ball and its staff to be a great place to play and appreiciate the time and efforts the staff put into each event.

As far as the Fort Apachie series goes I enjoyed it very much and hope to see it as an annual event. I felt that the tie breaker should have been between decided eithier on the air ball field or a head to head mission, but after reading your comments and others i can understand not allowing an airball game and keeping the shoot out in front for everyone to see. Bunker HIll was just too hot and if you will allow me, I would like to blame the swelling of my brain for my original post.

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