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Latest Calendar Listings
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08/05/2018 Guilford , Me Scenario - Apocalypse Scenario Game
07/08/2018 Guilford, Me Tournament - Battle Royal Tournament
07/07/2018 Guilford , Me Big Game - Field Day
06/24/2018 Guilford, Me Scenario - D-Day Scenario Game

The Mailroom
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Where can I find 68 Special parts?
What about this F4?
Info for high-school paper...
Where can I find BT-16 Spare Parts?

New Field Listings
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Other - Belize Jungle Paintball
Maine - Flying Dutchman Paintball
Idaho - True Paintball Adventure Park
Europe - Skirmish Paintball Norwich

New Store Listings
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North_Carolina - Chicken's Paintball & Airsoft
Europe - Evo Sports
Michigan - Contact Paintball
Other - Asylum Paintball

Paintball Media
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Chicago Open Virtual Fieldwalk
It is time for the other Chicago Open - at the same field as the one held a month earlier - CPX in Joliet Illinois. Get a look at how PSP will lay out their fields from every angle in the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk.

Millennium London Fieldwalk
While American paintballers are getting ready to celebrate their independence, their European counterparts will be gathering in London for the next tournament in the Millennium Series. Get a look at the field layout from every angle with the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk.

PigTV - World Cup 2010 Trade Show Interviews
Get another look at some of the new products unveiled at the 2010 PSP Paintball World Cup trade show and get the story from the people behind the products with the latest episode of PigTV.

ISC Paintball PP003 Paintball Pants
ISC Paintball manufactures paintball and extreme sports gear. The ISC 003 Paintball Pants are one of their many designs available to be custom manufactured for dealers or distributors around the world.

World Cup Trade Show
Unable to make it to World Cup this year? See what you missed with our photo-tour of every booth at the 2010 PSP Paintball World Cup trade show.

Prophecy Quick Load System
The Quick Load lid is available as a factory upgrade for the Prophecy loader. Not only does it provide the functions of a fast-load gate, but it is well integrated to the loader, installing and removing easily and opening and closing like a standard lid as.

Deathstix Barrel
The Deathstix barrel is a well presented product, with eye catching looks, and a measurable weight saving over its all aluminum counterparts. Its bore sizing back sections, while short in length produced a measurable effect on both consistency and accuracy performance under controlled testing.

First Strike Projectiles
Tiberius Arms and Perfect Circle have teamed up to provide a paint projectile with a new shape, new materials, and new marker to fire it – all in the quest for improved accuracy and range.

Empire Prophecy Loader
The Prophecy from Empire incorporates a modular body for tool-free construction along with a larger feed wheel and new magnetic tension system.

Zero Kick Hammer
The Zero Kick Hammer from Tech T Paintball Products weighs in at less than half the mass of the stock A5 hammer for smoother shooting with less kick.

LAPCO Premium Soft Paddles
LAPCO's soft paddles for the Tippmann Cyclone Feed are a simple drop-in upgrade that promises to allow for increased rate of fire and reduced ball breakage. Read more to learn how they performed in controlled testing.

Chicago Open Virtual Fieldwalk
The teams of the NPPL are gearing up to head for the Windy City. Check the angles and lanes they will be using in the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk.

PSP Phoenix Virtual Fieldwalk
PSP has decided to use the field layout from Galveston for the Phoenix tournament. Get ready for one of the most unique field layouts ever, with the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk.

Galveston Island Virtual Fieldwalk
Paintball Sports Promotions is kicking off the 2012 tournament season at Galveston Island Paintball. Get a look at the field layout from every angle in the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk. Check out the crawl and crouch buttons to make the most of the new Snake Beam and Elbow Beam bunkers from SupAirball.

Huntington Beach Virtual Fieldwalk
The 2012 tournament paintball season is coming! The NPPL action kicks off on the West Coast literally on the coast at Huntington Beach, California. Get your plays ready with the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk check all the bunkers and the angles.

Vegas NPPL
To wind up the 2011 season, the NPPL headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the World Paintball Championships.

Paintball World Cup 2011
The time has come for the finale to the 2011 PSP season. Over 250 teams from around the world gathered in Polk City, Florida for a paintball showdown.

The teams of the NPPL headed to Washintgon DC – not to protest, but to play paintball at the DC Challenge.

Pre-Cup PSP Rankings
The PSP Paintball World Cup is coming – which means not only World Cup trophies, but also the crowning of the 2011 Series Champions. Does Dynasty have a lock on the title or do the other contenders have a chance? Take a look at the rankings to find out.

Paintball World Cup Asia Virtual Fieldwalk
This year the Paintball World Cup Asia is bigger and more progressive than ever, with an air conditioned indoor venue ready to host a truly international competition. The competition starts in November but the field layouts are out now, so start walking the lanes and planning strategies in the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk.

PSP New Jersey Open
Paintball Sports Promotions headed to a new location - Top Gun Paintball - for the New Jersey Open.

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